Sara Quattlebaum

Regional Rep
Lexington, South Carolina

I have been quilting since the early 1980s. I started designing my own patterns when I began teaching quilting at local and statewide quilt shops and quilt guilds in the early '90s. As my children grew I offered my time in their school making quilts as part of their Art classes.

When I moved to South Carolina I started teaching quilting at work to work friends and acquaintances in a large conference room during lunch hour within a month of starting my new job. When a new quilt shop opened in town, I was hired as the first teacher at that shop. A few other quilters and I then started a night quilt guild near that quilt shop to accommodate all us quilters who worked. So I love to quilt and especially like to create my own quilts, but I prefer to have others around me that support, uplift, and share that love.

Over the years I have always volunteered in my local quilt guilds and helped in many ways at quilt shows. I am currently working toward becoming a JAM member with SAQA. I am feverishly creating quilts, entering calls for entry and I am currently the retreat organizer in my SAQA district of GA/SC.

I love to browse the SAQA website and gain as much information as possible. I especially love the critiques. I learn so much from others that gives me focus for my own quilts.

Tropical Living
Tropical Living, 50" x 35" (2019)

Sara Quattlebaum

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