Regina Dunn

Regional Rep
DeLand, Florida

In 2001, I started my artistic journey by making traditional small quilts using commercial fabrics, and, shortly after that, I began making art quilts. I ventured more into the art world by attending workshops and joining art groups. I tried many techniques over the years and found successes being accepted into juried national venues including SAQA’s Sense of Scale exhibit in 2012 and their Balancing Act exhibit in 2015. I have also exhibited in juried shows in my home state of Florida.

In 2015, I was accepted into Jane Dunnewold’s Artcloth Mastery Class, a two and a half year program in San Antonio, Texas. It was there that I learned to let go of some of the techniques and hone in on the ones I love. My multi-media constructions are made from fabrics I create using hand-dyeing, printing, and other types of surface design along with hand stitching.
I have been involved in local projects outside of SAQA, also. One of my works, reproduced on vinyl, was wrapped around a large utility box near the main intersection in my town of DeLand in 2017. I collaborated at Stetson University to help print three large panels of silk for a multimedia exhibit in 2018.

My style of work includes the use of symbolism. For example, an image of a decaying leaf represents both a sign of deteriorating and a sign of progress towards something more positive. Or a piece of embroidery is used to illustrate change or changing viewpoints.
In the past few years, I have written articles and been published in journals and magazines internationally.

Besides being a member of SAQA, I am also a member of Surface Design Association, TAFA, FAN, Artsy Shark, and Museum of Art DeLand. I served as a planning committee member and taught several classes to the ArtsEtc group. I have also taught classes on thermofax printing at a shop in DeLand. I continue to advance my craft by studying surface design techniques, color theory, composition, and developing them further each year.

Regina Dunn- Yielding
Regina Dunn, Yielding, 47.5 " x 24.25 ", 2017
Regina Dunn

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