Pat Bishop

Regional Rep
Shawano, Wisconsin

I am a fiber artist who loves nature and all things textilian.  I work with fabric first of all because of its comfort value and soothing qualities.   It truly amazes me what you can accomplish with fabric, thread, and a sewing machine.  I use fabric as a painter uses paint yet I have the advantage of not just value variations but all the textures.  Working in this medium gives results that can be challenging and pleasingly unpredictable which feeds my desire to be a problem solver.  I am a maker/creator, I always seem to have to be making something and I feel I’ve found my niche.

I love spending time outside in the woods, near the water, investigating plants, trees, birds, and other animals.  This time spent outdoors inspires my artwork.  I work intuitively though I do usually have a vague idea in mind but not a true final vision.  The ability to achieve representation in the simplest form possible is one of my goals and I am attempting to recreate natural elements because I find them so intriguing.  I feel like I can keep the memory alive if I use it as an inspiration in my artwork.  

I tend to keep my compositions simple yet powerful with the use of strong color contrast, lots of texture, and simple shapes.   My work is identified by the use of vibrant color and the striation effect of the piecing and/or stitching. To me, my work signifies the strength, beauty, and simplicity of nature. 

Lichen on Pine
Lichen on Pine,  48" x 30", 2015

Pat Bishop

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