Lynn Krawczyk

Regional Rep
Plymouth, Michigan

How do you choose just one single photo to represent all that you are? I don’t know. I couldn’t do it. So I picked a bunch and tossed them all together. Not because I think I’m so great to look at but because we all move through life in different roles. Especially when we are dealing with some heavy-duty life events.

I came to art late in my mid-twenties and what I once considered a hobby has become a calling. I can’t imagine living every day without creativity, it’s as essential as breathing. I am not an artist that toils in my studio all day long (although I’d like to be!). I hold a full-time day job that has nothing to do with my art, have a full family life and my days are usually sponsored by the magical elixir of coffee.

In 2018 I leaned on my creativity harder than any other time of my life. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and spent the year healing my body with chemo and my soul with art. We’ve all heard the phrase “Art Saves” and I can honestly say that it definitely did for me. I’m happily in remission now but my cancer year changed so much in the way I see my life and my art. I expanded into paper art during that time period because I wasn’t able to spend time standing in my studio. I’m so happy to have extended my work that way, the opportunities with paper are so exciting!

My alter ego is Art Brain. She is the creative boss of me and I talk about her often. She is my muse, my inspiration, the obnoxious voice that keeps you up all night thinking about ideas when you are supposed to be sleeping. I love her so (although she can be a real brat when she wants to be.)

I’ve written three books, dozens of magazine articles, filmed DVDs, done webinars, traveled to teach, designed a fabric line for the quilting industry, and lots of other creative endeavors in between. I can’t say for certain what is next for my art and my little business. But I do know one thing – it’ll be a hell of a ride.

The Riddle
The Riddle - 6" x 6"  2019


Lynn Krawczyk

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