Lisa Jenni

Regional Rep
Redmond, Washington

Most of my life, I’ve made art in one or another form, but my current artwork concentrates on fiber arts and watercolor painting. For the past 13 years since I started quilting, my work has been accepted, exhibited, and awarded in nationally and internationally juried exhibitions, several pieces are in private collections or have been published. My background in fine arts grew in years of formal and autodidactic education. Skills in many different fields of art influenced greatly my style of work. In 2007, I completed the Fiber Arts certificate program at the University of Washington.  

Inspiration for my artwork comes easily from just about everywhere, but often from current events. I love to travel, take pictures and just look around, -and I mean REALLY look! Many years of watercolor taught me a lot about how to catch the essence of a place, shape, light, and emotion. 

My background as a cartographer allowed me to develop fine techniques in piecing, applique, and quilting. In my artwork, color, composition, and allowing the "unexpected" to take place, pulls the viewer deeper into the layers: First catch the eye and then engage the viewer to step closer and explore.

Golden Ratio
Golden Ratio II - 34" x 21" 2016


Lisa Jenni