Lisa Dodson

Regional Rep
Martinsville, Indiana

My quilting journey started shortly after retiring in late 2007 and quickly took over my life. 

Good fortune was with me soon after beginning my quilting adventure. As a newbie, I was frequenting the local quilt store so often that the owner offered me a part-time job. Working in a quilt store gave me the opportunity to hone my teaching and quilting skills. The store has since closed but the need to create and encourage others has only grown. 

While I admire and appreciate all types of quilting, my passion lies in creating art with fabric, thread, and whatever techniques and materials are available to accomplish that goal. Nature gives me an unlimited amount of inspiration and subject material with plenty of color, shape, texture, lines, and values. 

As a beginning quilter, the desire to collect commercial fabrics was a strong temptation that I indulged in often. Once I discovered SAQA, my priorities changed. I discovered that creating my own unique, surface designed fabrics is very satisfying and I enjoy the serendipitous element of exploring the possibilities. My current passion is deconstructed screen printing. 

When I joined the vast subculture of quilting, one of the most wonderful benefits has been to meet the many kindred spirits and talented people who are always nearby to offer friendship and support. My husband asked me once if I plan to quilt my life away. Without hesitation, my answer was yes, why not? 

Dragonfly, 5" x 7", 2017

Lisa Dodson

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