Kristan Collins

Regional Representative
Lake Oswego, Oregon

From a young age, I was taught to imagine and dream with fabric. I recall the warm and comforting essence of the local fabric store, as my grandmother and I would explore an exciting new world of color, texture, and endless possibilities. She taught me how to not only find the perfect fabric for a project but how to dream in the world of textiles. With one touch, the fabric informed us of its potential and the magical possibility of a new creation.

It is with this sense of possibility and exploration that I engage my creative work. Fascinated by all techniques to manipulate fabric, I most often turn to dye, paint, embroidery, and armature. I begin with my most valuable tools - deep breaths, a “why not?” attitude, and time to experiment. If in doubt, I lean on my greatest gift, my artistic family, to remind me that anything is possible.

Be Aware

Be Aware
15" x 9" x 9"

Kristan Collins