Debra Kay

Regional Rep
Maricopa, Arizona

My life as an Art Quilter began in August 2016 on the drive home after 2 weeks visiting family, to our home near Tucson. The weather had been unseasonably hot and dry that Spring and Summer and I was not looking forward to more heat. As we got closer to home, I noticed something, the color green was everywhere! The Monsoon rains had come while we were gone, and the desert was alive with color.

I started to hone my skills as a quilter by practicing what I knew and pushing myself to improve. I studied the work of others and tried new techniques all the while, growing as a creative. I shared my work with the neighborhood quilt group that encouraged me to join an Art Quilters group in town. So, I did, where I met more amazing artists. During the meeting’s show and tell time, I wanted to know how the artist achieved the wonderful art I was seeing. I was inspired.

In the Spring of 2107, I made my first art call submission, and two pieces were accepted. I was thrilled when they both sold. I continued to make quilted wall hangings that were shown in two galleries. Then in November 2018, I made my first proposal for a solo exhibition. I was honored to have been selected and nervous at the same time as the proposal was just sketches on paper. None of the twelve pieces were made. I had six months to put my ideas together into a finished art exhibit.
I loved standing in the corner of the gallery to watch people's faces light up when they walked into the room. Watching the public react to my work validated my Art Quilter friends raves. I love making and sharing my art.

El Pubelo

El Pueblo, 32" x 44" 2019

Debra Kay