Claudia Pearce

Regional Representative
Glenwood, MD

My avocations are quilt artist, trumpet player, and gardener. My profession is Ph.D. Computer Scientist. All of these disparate activities feed on one another and make me who I am and they are all my media. I grew up literally swimming with dolphins, water skiing next to alligators, scuba diving with manatee, and on coral reefs with barracuda, body surfing with stingrays, and more. Water and aquatic creatures were part of my existence and feature heavily in my work. My passions include all forms of flora and fauna. I am deeply committed to the environment and saving our planet. Saving the wonderful wildlife, aquatic life, and plants from terra firma to the oceans are the themes that drive my art.

Only 3900

"Only 3900", 36”x36”, 2020

Claudia Pearce

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