Candace Hackett Shively

Regional Representative
Fayetteville, Georgia

My work grows from ideas that incubate over time. I tend to compose with scissors (often freehand), sometimes including images I have created on fabric with paint. I try out colors on my design wall until they sing. I am fascinated by hands and find them appearing as a motif in my work, even when I did not necessarily plan to include them. I draw with thread, moving fabric beneath the needle of my sewing machine much like drawing by moving paper beneath a stationary pen. I trust the ideas that come to me -- often from water (by a waterfall, in the shower, swimming). My work process assembles, dissects, and reassembles until the incubating idea shows through.

I have lived all over the U.S., but I credit my childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area for nurturing my creativity. As an undergraduate, I studied printmaking and photography as part of an unofficial undergraduate art minor. I found my true medium, the art quilt, in a break-through graduate show years later. I worked as a teacher, an educational technology professional, and a writer for many years. Now residing in Georgia, I am relishing more time for my art quilts and involvement with Studio Art Quilt Associates.

UnSafe, Unseen, Unheard 33”H x 37”W 2018

UnSafe, Unseen, Unheard 33”H x 37”W 2018

Candace Hackett Shiveley

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