Annette McFarlane

Regional Rep
Portland, Oregon

My love for fabric is genetic. My paternal grandmother worked in a coat factory in England, and I started sewing a wool coat in high school home economics class. My first quilt was created from blocks my maternal grandmother made from fabric she used to make my mother's toddler dresses.

I ventured from traditional to art quilts because of the freedom it allows an artist; no rules, just be creative using a multitude of techniques. The beautiful Northwest I call home offers daily lessons in nature's colors and textures. Photographs of my visual world inspire my work and help me find nature's essence in fabrics and materials. I use both hand-dyed and commercial fabrics and continue to take workshops to improve my skills. My genetic code allows me to respond to the fabric.

A Zipper is a Bridge

A Zipper is a Bridge - 39" X 32"  2017

Annette McFarlane

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