Submit your artwork to the new SAQA Trunk Show!

Share your artwork with the world!

SAQA’s traveling trunk shows are designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and support our mission to “promote the art quilt.” Audiences at locations around the world are able to engage with the art quilts in an up-close and personal way. In addition to delighting viewers with the variety of techniques and breadth of creativity, trunks are also used for educational purposes and outreach.

We need YOUR artwork!

We need some fresh art for the new SAQA Trunk Show because we’re taking this show on some brand new roads so we can show the greater art world what art quilts really are. 

All SAQA members are invited to showcase their artistic expression by creating a small art quilt 7" x 10". Artwork can be either vertical OR horizontal orientation. Dimensional elements up to 3" in depth are allowed.

We are also looking for 3D free-standing / sculptural pieces but spots are limited. Remember that Trunk Show pieces travel to many places and are passed around frequently - please do not send pieces that are delicate or require special handling.

Unlike the Benefit and Spotlight Auctions, you’ll not only get your art back, but also have the opportunity to sell it at the end of the tour.   

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