Call for Volunteers for SAQA Members Only Facebook Group

The SAQA Members Only Facebook Group is a platform for members to connect and share. It is primarily for members, led by members, and moderated by member volunteers. Like all SAQA programs and projects, members are expected to follow SAQA Community Guidelines.

Official SAQA information is occasionally shared by staff, board or other volunteers, but the Members Only Facebook group is not a primary channel for SAQA news. SAQA staff and volunteers answer specific SAQA-related questions when appropriate. 

We are currently seeking additional volunteers to join our Moderators Team. All applications will go into a pool of potential volunteers which will be reviewed regularly. Our next review session will be in mid-November. As volunteer spots become available, staff will work with other moderators to reach out to applicants to check their continued interest and availability.

Roles and Responsibilities for Moderators Team

These Roles and Responsibilities apply to the Members Only Facebook group. Roles for other SAQA related Facebook groups may be different.

A group of four to six volunteers will work together as administrators and moderators, assigning tasks and collaborating on assignments to cover the following responsibilities.

  • Be an active presence in the Members Only Facebook Group
  • Approve and welcome new members working with the volunteer who oversees that activity
  • Generate a spirit of inclusiveness and connection
  • Encourage members to share in a supportive atmosphere
  • Provide enthusiastic support to new and less-experienced members
  • Follow the Community Guidelines and actively share the document as appropriate
  • Actively engage in as many posts as possible by liking, commenting and generating conversations.
  • Work with other moderators to coordinate weekly posts, showcases and other special promotions
  • Advise staff, Board and committee chairs on best practices for sharing information in the group, as needed
  • Work with other moderators to update the list of rules and expectations that apply specifically to the Members Only Facebook group
  • Work together with other moderators to make sure someone is actively monitoring the group each day 
  • Work with staff, other moderators and/or Board members to address violation of the Community Guidelines
  • Serve as a moderator for one year

If you are interested in applying, please compete the form below. We appreciate your enthusiasm, support and dedication to this important part of our SAQA community.

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