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SAQA University: A Revolutionary Way of Learning:


Lisa Chipetine, Vice President

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.

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SAQA University: A Revolutionary Way of Learning


February 27, 2008 – Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) will launch “SAQA University” on March 15, 2008.  SAQA University is a revolutionary way of learning.  It will eliminate geographical boundaries, allowing professional artists worldwide to collaborate on topics and issues surrounding their medium.  It will provide a structured educational repository of documents, templates, audios, videos and historical discussions,” said Lisa Chipetine, Vice President of SAQA and Chairman of the SAQA University Development Committee. 


SAQA University is a private label wiki system, the first collaborative, totally interactive forum dedicated to the professional development of the quilting artist.  It is a benefit for SAQA members that will allow them to capture content and discussions of all types of art quilt topics,  creating a historical repository of art quilt information and documentation.  SAQA University provides Mentorship and Critique Forums, as well as, comprehensive information in the areas of Art, Education, Business and Marketing, Technology and Resources.  This will allow members to have virtual meetings and discussions about their art and about their art businesses.


The SAQA University Content Team volunteers will be monitoring information in their areas of expertise.  These Team members are June Underwood (Art), Annie Copeland (Education), Lisa Chipetine (Business & Marketing) and Eileen Doughty, Susan Crouse-Kemp & Karen Asherman (Technology).


SAQA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, and documentation.  With an active membership of almost 2,000 established and emerging artists, the artwork created by SAQA members can be found in both national and international exhibitions, galleries, museums and private collections.


For information on SAQA University please contact Lisa Chipetine, Vice President, at (516) 857-3228, or visit the website at


For information on SAQA and membership, contact Martha Sielman, Executive Director at (860) 487-4199 or visit the website at