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Art Quilt Quarterly Index

Note: Starting with Issue 8, Art Quilt Collector was re-named to Art Quilt Quarterly and includes a Portfolio section. 

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Issue NumberPageTitle of article or artworkAuthor or ArtistSubject
AQC, No. 1 CoverSpring EquinoxKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQC, No. 13The Hendricks Collection and Alegre RetreatSandra SiderCollection
AQC, No. 13Palisade TriptychKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQC, No. 14GrapesKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQC, No. 14Body PartsSue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 15Sub Rosa: PortalJudi Warren BlaydonArtwork
AQC, No. 15Blossoms of the WavesEmily RichardsonArtwork
AQC, No. 15Beach Bargello QuiltMaureen HendricksArtwork
AQC, No. 16Practicing textile conservationMary Julliet-PaonessaCollection care
AQC, No. 18Peggy Brown interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 18Three Times ThreePeggy BrownArtwork
AQC, No. 19Tulips and TreesPeggy BrownArtwork
AQC, No. 19Landscape/Sunrise SunsetPeggy BrownArtwork
AQC, No. 110MomentsPeggy BrownArtwork
AQC, No. 111Shades of Italy IIIPeggy BrownArtwork
AQC, No. 112Toot Reid interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 112September 28, 2010-March 8, 2011Toot ReidArtwork
AQC, No. 113November 2, 2012-February 4, 2013Toot ReidArtwork
AQC, No. 114ThirteenToot ReidArtwork
AQC, No. 114EighteenToot ReidArtwork
AQC, No. 115October 1, 2013-October 30, 2012Toot ReidArtwork
AQC, No. 116Sue Benner interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 117Prairie/Wall 3: Autumn BluestemSue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 118Wearing Plaid 2Sue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 118Tallgrass IISue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 119Cellular Structure IIISue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 120Spring EquinoxKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQC, No. 120Sunshine State of MindSusan RienzoArtwork
AQC, No. 121Foliaris ILisa Flowers-RossArtwork
AQC, No. 122DepartureJudith ContentArtwork
AQC, No. 123Winter WallJette CloverArtwork
AQC, No. 123RebeccaPatti MorrisArtwork
AQC, No. 124AnimationYael David-CohenArtwork
AQC, No. 124Archeology #24: A Time to RestKevan LunneyArtwork
AQC, No. 125ContemplationDeborah FellArtwork
AQC, No. 126Discover the ancient art of katazomeKaren Illman MillerTechnique
AQC, No. 126WinterlightKaren Illman MillerArtwork
AQC, No. 130Celebrating Silver selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 130Angel of SilverWendi BuceyArtwork
AQC, No. 130The Silver TouchMichelle JacksonArtwork
AQC, No. 130Silver CakeJeannie Palmer MooreArtwork
AQC, No. 131Reflection - World Trade CenterJean Renli JurgensonArtwork
AQC, No. 131Silver HillsCynthia St. CharlesArtwork
AQC, No. 131Past & FutureJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQC, No. 132Three Squares ReduxKaren SchulzArtwork
AQC, No. 2 coverAll the spaces of intimacyMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 3Document your collection with professional photographyWendi BuceyCollection care
AQC, No. 2 4Careful planning ensures collection longevity: Jack Walsh's collectionCynthia WenslowCollection care
AQC, No. 2 7CircusAnne KingsburyArtwork
AQC, No. 2 8Natalya Aikens interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 2 9Dormition CupolaNatalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 9Iron Spine 2Natalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 10Glass BridgeNatalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 11City Love Affair 2Natalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 11DaybreakNatalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 11RhetoricNatalya AikensArtwork
AQC, No. 2 12Heather Dubreuil interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 2 1253rd Street WestHeather DubreuilArtwork
AQC, No. 2 13Camden Town #2Heather DubreuilArtwork
AQC, No. 2 14Port ClydeHeather DubreuilArtwork
AQC, No. 2 14Boathouses #1Heather DubreuilArtwork
AQC, No. 2 15Water Tower #1Heather DubreuilArtwork
AQC, No. 2 16K. Velis Turan interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 2 16West Village EastK. Velis TuranArtwork
AQC, No. 2 18Baltimore RowK. Velis TuranArtwork
AQC, No. 2 18The Village PsychicK. Velis TuranArtwork
AQC, No. 2 19Broadway ElK. Velis TuranArtwork
AQC, No. 2 20Finding LunchPhillida HargreavesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 20Sleeping Bear Dune LakeshoreAnn LovelessArtwork
AQC, No. 2 21Park PlaceKathy YorkArtwork
AQC, No. 2 22FragileShannon MaiselArtwork
AQC, No. 2 23Capturing BrittanyLenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 2 23Pelican SunsetAnnette KennedyArtwork
AQC, No. 2 24Silver LineB. J. AdamsArtwork
AQC, No. 2 24Still WatersMelody RandolArtwork
AQC, No. 2 25Leavings 5: A Telling SeriesLinda Filby-FisherArtwork
AQC, No. 2 26Michael James' quilts explore changes in "every aspect of daily life"L. Kent Wolgamott/Lincoln Journal StarExhibition Review
AQC, No. 2 27For now we see through a glass, darklyMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 28Lament on a wide expanse of plainMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 29The Long Flight: SanctuaryMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 28"Lament on a wide expanse of plain"Michael JamesPoem
AQC, No. 2 30Aubade (playing for time)Michael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 30Aubade (mourning song)Michael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 31Ambiguity & Enigma installationMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 2 32Book review: And Still We RiseCarolyn MazloomiBook review
AQC, No. 2 34Two by Twenty selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 2 34Forest FancyMarjan KluepfelArtwork
AQC, No. 2 34Forest FireMarjan KluepfelArtwork
AQC, No. 2 34The TriangleTeresa BarkleyArtwork
AQC, No. 2 34A Grand CentennialTeresa BarkleyArtwork
AQC, No. 2 35Tune In Turn On Drop Cloth 2Sandra Townsend DonabedArtwork
AQC, No. 2 35Tune In Turn On Drop Cloth 5Sandra Townsend DonabedArtwork
AQC, No. 2 35Tactile ArchitectureSimona PeledArtwork
AQC, No. 2 35PlanningSimona PeledArtwork
AQC, No. 2 36WaterTerrie Hancock MangatArtwork
AQC, No. 3coverPW Block #4Ellen OppenheimerArtwork
AQC, No. 3 3Living with art quilts: Jack Walsh collection, part 2Cynthia WenslowCollection care
AQC, No. 3 6Brigitte Kopp interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 3 7Brigitte KoppArtwork
AQC, No. 3 7Hau ab!/Hands off!Brigitte KoppArtwork
AQC, No. 3 8GebarmutterBrigitte KoppArtwork
AQC, No. 3 9Home Sweet HomeBrigitte KoppArtwork
AQC, No. 3 9Brigitte KoppArtwork
AQC, No. 3 10Mary Pal interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 3 11TrustingMary PalArtwork
AQC, No. 3 12Precious TimeMary PalArtwork
AQC, No. 3 13EquusMary PalArtwork
AQC, No. 3 13MadeleineMary PalArtwork
AQC, No. 3 14Dorte Jensen interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 3 14Mother and ChildDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 15Abraham LincolnDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 15Benjamin FranklinDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 16Town is callingDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 17Green ManDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 17Out of the DarkDorte JensenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 18Eliza Brewster interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 3 19Orange QuiltEliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 19The Eye on the PrizeEliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 20Define YourselfEliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 20Eliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 21Carefully Calculated to DeceiveEliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 21The MigrationEliza BrewsterArtwork
AQC, No. 3 22MYTH 4DAMSS (Daniela Arnoldi and Marco Sarzi-Sartori)Artwork
AQC, No. 3 22Romancing RedMichelle JacksonArtwork
AQC, No. 3 23Perseus Saving AndromedaMarilyn BelfordArtwork
AQC, No. 3 24Holi JoeKate ThemelArtwork
AQC, No. 3 25August 10, 1912 Tomato SoupJim HayArtwork
AQC, No. 3 25Java JivePhyllis CullenArtwork
AQC, No. 3 26Portrait Series: HamburgerMary Ruth SmithArtwork
AQC, No. 3 26Catfish StringerLora RockeArtwork
AQC, No. 3 27Family LifeSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 3 28Comic ReliefPat KumicichArtwork
AQC, No. 3 28Fire Chief Rain BootsSherri CulverArtwork
AQC, No. 3 29Wall Power: What makes a quilt art?Carolyn DuceyCommentary
AQC, No. 3 29FortissimoKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQC, No. 3 30Dry Dock 2Jo BuddArtwork
AQC, No. 3 31The Sea of Japan in WinterShizuko KurohaArtwork
AQC, No. 3 32CrossesNancy CrowArtwork
AQC, No. 3 32Mary Cassatt's aura, after DegasAnna von MertensArtwork
AQC, No. 3 33Elegy (flatland)Michael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 3 33AtlantisRuth EissfeldtArtwork
AQC, No. 3 34How to collect art like a proAlan BambergerCommentary
AQC, No. 3 36Concrete & Grassland selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 3 36Where the sidewalk endsJill KerttulaArtwork
AQC, No. 3 36Root & BranchJennifer Hammond LandauArtwork
AQC, No. 3 37DevelopmentKathy YorkArtwork
AQC, No. 3 37FlourishSusan HotchkisArtwork
AQC, No. 3 37River FlowAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQC, No. 3 38Book review: Japanese Contemporary QuiltsTeresa Duryea WongBook review
AQC, No. 3 40Wind over WaterPauline BurbidgeArtwork
AQC, No. 4 coverMidnight GardenSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 3A passion for art and a head for business: Nancy Noyes, art consultantSandra SiderCollecting
AQC, No. 4 4FireCarol Ann WaughArtwork
AQC, No. 4 6Del Thomas: Collecting Contemporary QuiltsSandra SiderCollection
AQC, No. 4 6Middlesex Fells - Late FallRuth McDowellArtwork
AQC, No. 4 7Rose GardenJane SassamanArtwork
AQC, No. 4 7Ewe AloneLinda ColshArtwork
AQC, No. 4 8Chimney PotsElizabeth BartonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 8MinstrelSylvia EinsteinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 9Coyote FenceSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 4 10Regina Benson interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 4 10Baltic SeasideRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 10Future RuinsRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 11UnearthedRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 12Safe StorageRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 12Burning MonolithsRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 13Low TideRegina BensonArtwork
AQC, No. 4 14Sue Dennis interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 4 15Seduced by the ImperfectSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 16Midnight GardenSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 16Anthills-Study in GoldSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 17DriftSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 17Wattle DancingSue DennisArtwork
AQC, No. 4 18Pat Durbin interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 4 18Sunny GirlsPat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 19FireflowerPat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 19Forest WalkPat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 20Begonai Picotee LacePat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 20Greg's Gone FishingPat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 21Come Sit with MePat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 21Cat TailsPat DurbinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 22Hsin-Chen Lin interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 4 22Flowers Bloom and Fade AwayHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 23My French Impressions II - Roses in Saint Martin de la BrasqueHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 23The Implication of RedHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 24Far Away from HomeHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 24My French Impressions III - Roadside Daisy in MarseilleHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 25The Moving World - WinterHsin-Chen LinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 26Trees SingingWen RedmondArtwork
AQC, No. 4 26Wings of FireMelani Kane BrewerArtwork
AQC, No. 4 27ForestgreenSharon CollinsArtwork
AQC, No. 4 28Fancy GoldfishSusan Brubaker KnappArtwork
AQC, No. 4 29Leaves No. 2Gunnel HagArtwork
AQC, No. 4 29Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 3Barbara SchneiderArtwork
AQC, No. 4 30Enchanted ForestJudy B. DalesArtwork
AQC, No. 4 30WaratahMelinda BulaArtwork
AQC, No. 4 31Cranes in the Chile FieldJudith RoderickArtwork
AQC, No. 4 32Julia M. Brennan talks about Textile ConservationSandra SiderCollection care
AQC, No. 4 36Stories of Migration selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 4 36Detained Denied DisplacedGloria S. DalyArtwork
AQC, No. 4 36Receptacles of MemoryJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQC, No. 4 37Blood LineAlice BeasleyArtwork
AQC, No. 4 37Home is Where the Army Sends UsKristin La FlammeArtwork
AQC, No. 4 37Crossing PointsSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 4 37This LaneSara RockingerArtwork
AQC, No. 4 38Book Review: Quilt National catalogs, The Art QuiltShirley NearyBook review
AQC, No. 4 38Book Review: The Art QuiltJack WalshBook review
AQC, No. 4 40Penny McMorris on developing an eye for quilt artDana JonesCollecting
AQC, No. 4 40Lay of the Land IIValerie GoodwinArtwork
AQC, No. 4 41Describing RainRachel BrumerArtwork
AQC, No. 4 42Dawn (Left Illinois for California, April 15, 1859)Anna von MertensArtwork
AQC, No. 4 43In Memoriam: Yvonne PorcellaIn Memoriam
AQC, No. 4 44Thru the LensMarianne BurrArtwork
AQC, No. 5coverLanguage of Color 10Pixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 3The Excitement of Beginning an Art Quilt Collection: Interview with Frank KleinSandra SiderCollecting
AQC, No. 5 4Angel of SilverWendi BuceyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 5Rustic Sphinx MothMary Ann Vaca-LambertArtwork
AQC, No. 5 6Moonscape installationAdrienne YorinksArtwork
AQC, No. 5 7Design Challenges met with Artful SolutionsAdrienne YorinksCommissions
AQC, No. 5 8Headboard installationAdrienne YorinksArtwork
AQC, No. 5 9Displaying Art QuiltsCynthia WenslowCollection care
AQC, No. 5 9Escape VelocitySusie MondayArtwork
AQC, No. 5 9PomegranatesSusie MondayArtwork
AQC, No. 5 10Angel installationJean M. JuddArtwork
AQC, No. 5 10Portals IIIRosemary Claus-GrayArtwork
AQC, No. 5 10Portals VIIIRosemary Claus-GrayArtwork
AQC, No. 5 11Horizon IVElena StokesArtwork
AQC, No. 5 12Susan Else interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 5 13When Ponies DreamSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 5 13Consumer ConfidenceSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 5 14Hard TimesSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 5 14UnderwaterSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 5 15Family LifeSusan ElseArtwork
AQC, No. 5 16Susan Mathews interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 5 16Coastal Life 2Susan MathewsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 17Ode to Banksias 6Susan MathewsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 17Anigozanthos 3Susan MathewsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 18CelebrationSusan MathewsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 19RegenerationSusan MathewsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 20Sharon McCartney interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 5 21Welcome GuestSharon McCartneyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 21Follow HomeSharon McCartneyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 21Totem Cloth: Under the Blue MoonSharon McCartneyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 22Almost PersuadedSharon McCartneyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 23Healing Wounded Souls: Earth, Water, AirSharon McCartneyArtwork
AQC, No. 5 24Pixeladies interviewMartha SielmanArtist interview
AQC, No. 5 25Eddie's ChevyPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 25Language of Color 10: Drawing HumanityPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 26F is for FlagPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 26V is for VolkswagenPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 26The Picture is Only Half the StoryPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 27American Still Life: The Weight of the NationPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Artwork
AQC, No. 5 28Stream of ConsequencesPaula KovarikArtwork
AQC, No. 5 28Wings of FireMelani Kane BrewerArtwork
AQC, No. 5 29RequiemLorie McCownArtwork
AQC, No. 5 30Enigma of Forest FiresPatty HawkinsArtwork
AQC, No. 5 31Dry LakeAnn JohnstonArtwork
AQC, No. 5 31SuffragettesBonnie J. SmithArtwork
AQC, No. 5 32Katrina: SignsClairan FerronoArtwork
AQC, No. 5 32Promise KeptSue KingArtwork
AQC, No. 5 33Remembering Munchner Platz IDeborah FellArtwork
AQC, No. 5 34Marvin Fletcher on Growing an Art Quilt CollectionDana JonesCollection
AQC, No. 5 34Heaven and EarthJane SassamanArtwork
AQC, No. 5 35GraffitiEileen LauterbornArtwork
AQC, No. 5 35Falling LeavesBarbara HartmanArtwork
AQC, No. 5 36My Corner of the World selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 5 36Life On The Trail: Brown's RanchGeorgia HellerArtwork
AQC, No. 5 36Purnululu #7Alison SchwabeArtwork
AQC, No. 5 36Turning PointBethany GarnerArtwork
AQC, No. 5 37Lake Vistas #2Joan ReiveArtwork
AQC, No. 5 37SPP 12Karen SchulzArtwork
AQC, No. 5 37Grand ArtefactsMillie CummingArtwork
AQC, No. 5 38Book review: Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000Roderick KiracofeBook review
AQC, No. 5 40Beautiful MorningMelanie MarrArtwork
AQC, No. 6coverKaleidoscopic XVI: More Is MorePaula NadelsternArtwork
AQC, No. 63International Quilt Festival CollectionSandra SiderCollection
AQC, No. 63Sconset GirlsDianne MillerArtwork
AQC, No. 64Heavenly Days in Angels CampYvonne PorcellaArtwork
AQC, No. 64Central Park West IILinda LevinArtwork
AQC, No. 65A Delicate WeaveIta ZivArtwork
AQC, No. 65Veiled Color: DarksJudith LarzelereArtwork
AQC, No. 65Dream of AutumnRicky TimsArtwork
AQC, No. 66Aquarium #1: Fish TailsCaryl Bryer Fallert-GentryArtwork
AQC, No. 66ThunderCynthia St. CharlesArtwork
AQC, No. 67OriginsHelene Scheffer and Marion PeraultArtwork
AQC, No. 67White RavenVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQC, No. 68Contemporary art quilts in U.S. museum collectionsSandra SiderCollection
AQC, No. 68Church PicnicFaith RinggoldArtwork
AQC, No. 69Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the MoonTeresa BarkleyArtwork
AQC, No. 69The FamilyCarolyn MazloomiArtwork
AQC, No. 610A Narrative of Space, of TimeMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 611U.S. museums owning contemporary quilt artCollection
AQC, No. 612Marisma (Salt Marsh)Judith ContentArtwork
AQC, No. 614The care and display of art quiltsKate LenkowskyCollection care
AQC, No. 616Emma in the Looking GlassLenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 617Lenore Crawford interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 618Port of CassisLenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 618Pont en Royans II (Bridge in Royans II)Lenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 619Afternoon DelightLenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 619Spanish Port LafrancLenore CrawfordArtwork
AQC, No. 620Denise Labadie interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 621Eightercua StonesDenise LabadieArtwork
AQC, No. 621Uragh Stone CircleDenise LabadieArtwork
AQC, No. 622Poulnabrone DolmenDenise LabadieArtwork
AQC, No. 623St. Kevins Monastery IIDenise LabadieArtwork
AQC, No. 624Susan Lenz interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 625Born an AngelSusan LenzArtwork
AQC, No. 625Our Baby BelovedSusan LenzArtwork
AQC, No. 626Last WordsSusan LenzArtwork
AQC, No. 627Lift and TuckSusan LenzArtwork
AQC, No. 627Today I Walk in the Great OutdoorsSusan LenzArtwork
AQC, No. 628Laurie Swim interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 628Lost at Sea, 1961Laurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 629Breaking Ground, The Hogg's Hollow Disaster, 1960Laurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 629Canadian Young Workers Memorial QuiltLaurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 630Eye SnatcherLaurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 630Hope and Survival: The Halifax Explosion Memorial ProjectLaurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 631It's No Fish Ye're BuyingLaurie SwimArtwork
AQC, No. 6321967 VW Bus - Front ViewTeresa ShippyArtwork
AQC, No. 632Rio MioKay LiggettArtwork
AQC, No. 633GolfersynapsenRegula AffolterArtwork
AQC, No. 634West Toward Home - Where Buffalo RoamEllie KreneckArtwork
AQC, No. 635Getting from THERE to HEREKarin LusnakArtwork
AQC, No. 635MooredMelody RandolArtwork
AQC, No. 636For the LadiesMichele O'Neil KincaidArtwork
AQC, No. 636Cooley Landing: Life in WaterLinda GassArtwork
AQC, No. 637Safe HarborBetty Ann HahnArtwork
AQC, No. 638Tranquility selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 638A Window Into SpacesMaya ChaimovichArtwork
AQC, No. 638SucculentsAileyn Renli EcobArtwork
AQC, No. 638Ponderings IVErika CarterArtwork
AQC, No. 639Flowers of the VineFrances Holliday AlfordArtwork
AQC, No. 639River ViewJette CloverArtwork
AQC, No. 639The Deep EndKathy YorkArtwork
AQC, No. 640Turmoil selectionsSAQA exhibition
AQC, No. 640Ukiyo - The Sadness of LifeDeborah K. RunnelsArtwork
AQC, No. 640Sandra L. BranjordArtwork
AQC, No. 640Marklin NebulaJeanne MarklinArtwork
AQC, No. 641Crossings ISandy GreggArtwork
AQC, No. 641The Flames They Left BehindHolly S. AltmanArtwork
AQC, No. 641Flying GeeseVicki ConleyArtwork
AQC, No. 642Book review: Contemporary Quilt ArtKate LenkowskyBook review
AQC, No. 643PrecipiceJudith ContentArtwork
AQC, No. 7coverBoundary Waters 85Virginia SpiegelArtwork
AQC, No. 73Quilt: A multi-layered textile -- Touring Quilt HouseSuzanne Smith ArneyMuseum
AQC, No. 74Elaborated TangramMichael JamesArtwork
AQC, No. 74Barefoot and PregnantJean Ray LauryArtwork
AQC, No. 75George Washington's aura, after Gilbert StuartAnna von MertensArtwork
AQC, No. 76Too many bugs or too many people? Barb McKie's dilemmaSandra SiderCommissions
AQC, No. 77CrossroadsBarbara Barrick McKieArtwork
AQC, No. 77Duel for My DahliasBarbara Barrick McKieArtwork
AQC, No. 78An even exchange: art for spacePatricia MalarcherCommissions
AQC, No. 79Tabernacle hangingPatricia MalarcherArtwork
AQC, No. 710The first art quilt gallery in New York CityCathy IzzoGallery
AQC, No. 711Display IISue BennerArtwork
AQC, No. 711InstallationPaula ChungArtwork
AQC, No. 712Considering InsuranceFran PhillipsCollection care
AQC, No. 714Nancy Bardach interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 715Oh! Rock-a My Soul! (or Revelations)Nancy BardachArtwork
AQC, No. 716Second BalconyNancy BardachArtwork
AQC, No. 716View from a High PlaceNancy BardachArtwork
AQC, No. 717A Song of AscentNancy BardachArtwork
AQC, No. 717Ad InfinitumNancy BardachArtwork
AQC, No. 718Lisa Call interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 719Changing Perspective I - Seeing ForeverLisa CallArtwork
AQC, No. 719Structures #131Lisa CallArtwork
AQC, No. 720Falling in Love - Cape PalliserLisa CallArtwork
AQC, No. 721Structures #143Lisa CallArtwork
AQC, No. 722Dan Olfe interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 722Hillcrest CinemasDan OlfeArtwork
AQC, No. 723Graffiti #1Dan OlfeArtwork
AQC, No. 724San Diego Courthouse #3Dan OlfeArtwork
AQC, No. 725Ocean #2: La Jolla, CaliforniaDan OlfeArtwork
AQC, No. 725Texture Experiment #23Dan OlfeArtwork
AQC, No. 726Virginia Spiegel interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQC, No. 727Boundary Waters 84Virginia SpiegelArtwork
AQC, No. 728Rocktime (Boundary Waters 60)Virginia SpiegelArtwork
AQC, No. 729Boundary Waters 82Virginia SpiegelArtwork
AQC, No. 729RockVirginia SpiegelArtwork
AQC, No. 730Open EndedKaren SchulzArtwork
AQC, No. 730Odyssey Liquor, Long BeachLisa KijakArtwork
AQC, No. 731Will we ever be free?Joke BuursmaArtwork
AQC, No. 732FactoryChristi S. BeckmannArtwork
AQC, No. 733Data BreachSandy GreggArtwork
AQC, No. 733All That JazzDena Dale CrainArtwork
AQC, No. 734RejoiceDiane MelmsArtwork
AQC, No. 734Glacier TransectBonnie PetersonArtwork
AQC, No. 735Roadside Construct 7: Shipping ContainersVirginia AbramsArtwork
AQC, No. 736The Newark Museum: A pioneer in collecting art quiltsSandra SiderCollection
AQC, No. 736Wild Goose ChaseAnonymousArtwork
AQC, No. 737InterruptionsJoy SavilleArtwork
AQC, No. 737Snake in the GardenJoe CunninghamArtwork
AQC, No. 738DisturbancesMarilyn HenrionArtwork
AQC, No. 739Potholders and Dervishes PlusSandy Benjamin HannibalArtwork
AQC, No. 740The Quilted Canvas at the New England Quilt MuseumExhibition
AQC, No. 740Fragments #478, #479, #480, #481Judy BeckerArtwork
AQC, No. 740Incoming Tide: Jones RiverCarol Anne GrotrianArtwork
AQC, No. 741Weed Wars (Milfoil)Nancy CrascoArtwork
AQC, No. 741Golden Apples of the SunSandy DonabedArtwork
AQC, No. 741February SnowstormJudy BeckerArtwork
AQC, No. 741LeMondeSylvia EinsteinArtwork
AQC, No. 742Book review: Wen Redmond's Digital Fiber ArtWen RedmondBook review
AQC, No. 743Book review: Art Quilts International: Abstract & GeometricMartha SielmanBook review
AQC, No. 744America Context #3: American GothicLuke HaynesArtwork
AQQ, No. 8coverPalo Duro Canyon (detail)Sue BennerArtwork
AQQ, No. 83Museum of Arts and DesignMeg CoxCollection
AQQ, No. 83Bittersweet XIVNancy CrowArtwork
AQQ, No. 84Byzantium IIMarilyn HenrionArtwork
AQQ, No. 84I'll Fly AwayMichael CummingsArtwork
AQQ, No. 86The California Art Quilt RevolutionNancy BavorArtwork
AQQ, No. 86Baseball: As American as Apple Pie and QuiltsHolley JunkerArtwork
AQQ, No. 87Where Dreams are BornJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 87Therese at the Kitchen SinkTherese MayArtwork
AQQ, No. 88TempestJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ, No. 88Spin CycleMiriam Nathan-RobertsArtwork
AQQ, No. 89AutoworldJoe CunninghamArtwork
AQQ, No. 89No Hard Hats RequiredAlice BeasleyArtwork
AQQ, No. 810Tips for Commissioning Quilt ArtJack WalshCommissions
AQQ, No. 810Jack's Falling WaterGayle Fraas & Duncan SladeArtwork
AQQ, No. 811WaterTerrie Hancock MangatArtwork
AQQ, No. 811FlowJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 812Surf SwimmersTim HardingArtwork
AQQ, No. 813Lay of the Land IIValerie GoodwinArtwork
AQQ, No. 814Reverence for books leads to library commissionYemima LavanCommissions
AQQ, No. 815Bed of SpicesYemima LavanArtwork
AQQ, No. 816Joan Schulze: Dancing with CommissionsSuzanne Smith ArneyCommissions
AQQ, No. 816Six Point TwoJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 817in pricipioJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 817HeliosJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 818White TeaJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 819B'reysheetJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 820Pamela Allen interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 821Sleeping BeautyPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 821Kissing in PublicPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 822The "C" WordPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 822Eve Under Scrutiny IIPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 823Funky FiddlersPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 823Lady LuckPamela AllenArtwork
AQQ, No. 824Jennifer Day interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 824MemoriesJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 825EsperanzaJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 825Tengo HambreJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 826JudyJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 827Cuban CarsJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 827Cuban GuitarJennifer DayArtwork
AQQ, No. 828Virginia Greaves interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 829AdelphoVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 829DuodecimVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 829UnconditionalVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 830Golden MomentVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 830Justice & FreedomVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 831WorryVirginia GreavesArtwork
AQQ, No. 832Tiziana Tateo interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 832Who does she think she is? A star?Tiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 832La PudeurTiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 833MannequinsTiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 834Inside and OutsideTiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 835MoiraTiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 835Tiziana TateoArtwork
AQQ, No. 836Book review: Playful Fabric PrintingCarol Soderlund and Melanie TestaBook review
AQQ, No. 836Book review: Fiberart International '16Book review
AQQ, No. 837Portfolio: 2017-1Portfolio
AQQ, No. 838Sound of WaterMargaret AbramshePortfolio
AQQ, No. 839Tales from a Shingled RoofJoanne AlberdaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 840An Old Story - From Chaos to OrderIlse Anysas-SalkauskasPortfolio
AQQ, No. 841Poppy No. 10 TrioSharon BassPortfolio
AQQ, No. 842Palo Duro Canyon: Fortress CliffSue BennerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 843Lichen on PinePat BishopPortfolio
AQQ, No. 844" We Never Thought it Would Come to This"Eliza BrewsterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 845Zahra, Age 5, Syrian RefugeeSandra BrucePortfolio
AQQ, No. 846Ewe InspiredBenedicte CaneillPortfolio
AQQ, No. 847FlapperLaurie CeesayPortfolio
AQQ, No. 848Musings in ThreadRosemary Claus-GrayPortfolio
AQQ, No. 849EllipsisLinda ColshPortfolio
AQQ, No. 850Emma in the Looking GlassLenore CrawfordPortfolio
AQQ, No. 851Bubble with a ViewDenise CurrierPortfolio
AQQ, No. 852Seam/Stress - BloodlineFenella DaviesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 853Sawblades 11Giny DixonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 854Cat TailsPat DurbinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 855Lepidopteran #5Caryl Fallert-GentryPortfolio
AQQ, No. 856Earth Song 5 Medicine Wheel SeriesLinda Filby-FisherPortfolio
AQQ, No. 857Eye Talk 2 series # 1-4Katriina FlensburgPortfolio
AQQ, No. 858The Lowly Fire HydrantJayne GaskinsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 859Cartographic Collage IIVALERIE GoodwinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 860Queen of the Flower AngelsCara GulatiPortfolio
AQQ, No. 861Green Island RocksPhillida HargreavesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 863Creek Drawing #16Judy HooworthPortfolio
AQQ, No. 864Green DaisyLisa JenniPortfolio
AQQ, No. 865ShelterJean KeenanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 866Mill Wheels VII: order & chaosLyric KinardPortfolio
AQQ, No. 867Old SnowCatherine KleemanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 868SignalsPaula KovarikPortfolio
AQQ, No. 869Cathedral Arch at GlendaloughDenise LabadiePortfolio
AQQ, No. 870Rabbit AloneKim LaPollaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 871FantasySandra LauterbachPortfolio
AQQ, No. 872April ShowersKay LiggettPortfolio
AQQ, No. 873Night and DayRegina MarzlinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 874The JourneyKathleen McCabePortfolio
AQQ, No. 875Fatigue ThresholdAmy MeissnerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 876Sky Prayers- Memory of SkyMelody MoneyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 877Fall Vegetation 1Ree NancarrowPortfolio
AQQ, No. 878BangkokDan OlfePortfolio
AQQ, No. 879Angry Nasty Woman Fights BackKathryn PellmanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 880Rauga BeeDeb PlestidPortfolio
AQQ, No. 881The Salt Marsh Near First Encounter Beach (Tuning Fork #29)Heather PreggerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 882The Creative HandWen RedmondPortfolio
AQQ, No. 883BreakawaySusan RienzoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 884Out the WindowJudith RoderickPortfolio
AQQ, No. 885A Simple Twist of FateHelena SchefferPortfolio
AQQ, No. 886Next Year in JerusalemSusan SchrottPortfolio
AQQ, No. 887Sky Grass BirdKathleen SharpPortfolio
AQQ, No. 888Stem CellsSandra SiderPortfolio
AQQ, No. 889PeonySarah Ann SmithPortfolio
AQQ, No. 890MannequinsTiziana TateoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 891Sunrise AbstractionGwyned TrefethenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 892Intersections 12K. Velis TuranPortfolio
AQQ, No. 893Points of DepartureGrace Wever, Ph.D.Portfolio
AQQ, No. 894Digital PhantomsShea WilkinsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 895One EarthKathy YorkPortfolio
AQQ, No. 896Black and Blinded Birds of NightKaren BerkenfeldArtwork
AQQ, No. 9coverTumbling Block Quilt IIRoss Palmer BeecherArtwork
AQQ, No. 91The Genesis of a CollectionCynthia WenslowCollecting
AQQ, No. 92Double Mexican Wedding Rings IVNancy CrowArtwork
AQQ, No. 93American Heritage Flea MarketTerrie Hancock MangatArtwork
AQQ, No. 93Pregnant Winter TreeTherese MayArtwork
AQQ, No. 94National Quilt Museum: Changing AttitudesSuzanne Smith ArneyCollection
AQQ, No. 95Move Over Matisse IVirginia AveryArtwork
AQQ, No. 96Corona II:Solar EclipseCaryl Bryer Fallert-GentryArtwork
AQQ, No. 97Rumors and Hard TimesSusan ShieArtwork
AQQ, No. 98Material Matters: Ross Palmer BeecherSandra SiderArtist interview
AQQ, No. 98Tin and Tie Log Cabin QuiltRoss Palmer BeecherArtwork
AQQ, No. 99Heart Shaped QuiltRoss Palmer BeecherArtwork
AQQ, No. 910Large License Plate QuiltRoss Palmer BeecherArtwork
AQQ, No. 911Tumbling Dice QuiltRoss Palmer BeecherArtwork
AQQ, No. 912Creating ContinuumDianne GibsonCommissions
AQQ, No. 913ContinuumDianne GibsonArtwork
AQQ, No. 914UnitySandra SiderCommissions
AQQ, No. 915Fingerprint #50: UnityBarbara WatlerArtwork
AQQ, No. 916Ann Brauer interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 916two sunsAnn BrauerArtwork
AQQ, No. 917blue hillsAnn BrauerArtwork
AQQ, No. 918abstractions on the nightAnn BrauerArtwork
AQQ, No. 918marsh moonAnn BrauerArtwork
AQQ, No. 919blood moon raysAnn BrauerArtwork
AQQ, No. 920Paula Chung interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 920Pelvis SizePaula ChungArtwork
AQQ, No. 921Baby BluesKaren RipsArtwork
AQQ, No. 921NewbornPaula ChungArtwork
AQQ, No. 922Apricot Rose IIPaula ChungArtwork
AQQ, No. 923Adam 6.6.19Paula ChungArtwork
AQQ, No. 924Joke Buursma interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 925The ZebraJoke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 925Out of RepairJoke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 926A Place of Constant ChangeJoke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 926Saline WaterJoke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 926The ChameleonJoke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 927Joke BuursmaArtwork
AQQ, No. 928Ruth Powers interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 928After the StormRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 929Layers of the Flint HillsRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 929Snow BuddiesRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 930Longhorn SplashdownRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 931Tranquil DawnRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 931Emu, I See You!Ruth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 931SplashRuth PowersArtwork
AQQ, No. 932Book Review: The ContactAnn Johnstonbook review
AQQ, No. 933Book Review: Wall ArtAnn Lee and E. Ashley Rooneybook review
AQQ, No. 934Portfolio: 2017-2Portfolio
AQQ, No. 935Vocal SilenceB. J. AdamsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 936Things Fall ApartMary Lou AlexanderPortfolio
AQQ, No. 937IntermittentesGenevieve AttingerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 938Being GoodBobbi BaughPortfolio
AQQ, No. 939Low TideRegina V. BensonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 940Poor CinderellaSandra BranjordPortfolio
AQQ, No. 941Swan SongKathie BriggsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 942LichenBetty BusbyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 943Spring Paints the World GreenRuth CardenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 944Late AutumnShin-hee ChinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 945In Other WordsJette CloverPortfolio
AQQ, No. 946Golden CanyonVicki ConleyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 947Fern Forestphyllis cullenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 948WaterJudy B.DalesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 949Doormats #2Marcia DeCampPortfolio
AQQ, No. 950THE PROFOUNDChiaki DoshoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 951TUMULTEElizabeth Michelloud-DutheilPortfolio
AQQ, No. 952Passage of Time: Braunschweig 35Deborah FellPortfolio
AQQ, No. 953ErosionDianne FirthPortfolio
AQQ, No. 954Leaf Stack #22Lisa Flowers RossPortfolio
AQQ, No. 955TIME LINE VLeesa Zarinelli GawlikPortfolio
AQQ, No. 956Weeping WillowJulia GraberPortfolio
AQQ, No. 957Floating in Blue - TriptychGunnel HagPortfolio
AQQ, No. 958Mountain MeadowsLynne G. HarrillPortfolio
AQQ, No. 959MallrideJean HermanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 960Rust-roseSusan HotchkisPortfolio
AQQ, No. 961FlowJill JensenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 962Pelican SunsetAnnette KennedyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 963Old Gents and UpstartsMichele O'Neil KincaidPortfolio
AQQ, No. 964GenevieveSherry Davis KleinmanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 965West Toward Home VI Morning Coffee on the LlanoEllie KreneckPortfolio
AQQ, No. 966Gramma's DreamsPaulette LandersPortfolio
AQQ, No. 967Defining Moments 7: Fleeing the CityCarol LarsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 968Change Enables GrowthTracey LawkoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 969ContagiousHsin-Chen LinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 970Ode To Banksias 5Susan Roberts MathewsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 971Branches RedSherri Lipman McCauleyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 972Watermelon DreamsDiane MelmsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 973Under The Maple TreeHilde MorinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 974St Goar Castle Written in the WallsStephanie R. NordlinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 975Captivated by NatureOlga Olga Gonzalez-AnguloPortfolio
AQQ, No. 976I Will Be Beautiful SomehowClaire PassmorePortfolio
AQQ, No. 977DroughtBonnie PetersonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 978A Discordant PoemJudith PlotnerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 979AnchoredKathleen ProbstPortfolio
AQQ, No. 980LuminositySue RenoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 981MendingKaren RipsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 982Leaf AbstractConnie RohmanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 983ConversationsNorma SchlagerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 984Say Whaaat?Karen SchulzPortfolio
AQQ, No. 985Birding at Quiet HillSara SharpPortfolio
AQQ, No. 986Water WheelJudy SimmonsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 987GenerationsJoan SowadaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 988MannequinsTiziana TateoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 989Refugees Risking the SeasPatricia Anderson TurnerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 990Sheer OrigamiLisa WaltonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 991Unchanging GraceValerie Cecilia WhitePortfolio
AQQ, No. 992Family TidesEileen WilliamsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 994Olama: Two Guys and a PieSusan ShieArtwork
AQQ, No. 10coverOriginsJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 101The Dream Collection of Shelly ZegartSandra SiderCollecting
AQQ, No. 101Yo YolandaYvonne PorcellaArtwork
AQQ, No. 102Self-PortraitJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ, No. 102IkonMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ, No. 102Aged: Covered by WisdomKyoung Ae ChoArtwork
AQQ, No. 103WreathJane SassamanArtwork
AQQ, No. 103Hand ToolsB. J. AdamsArtwork
AQQ, No. 103New York Windows 1434Marilyn HenrionArtwork
AQQ, No. 103Lake Superior Stick Bed QuiltTerrie Hancock MangatArtwork
AQQ, No. 104The Water Quilt: A Green Quilt for PeaceSusan Shie and James AccordArtwork
AQQ, No. 105Getting Started as a CollectorCindy GrisdelaCollecting
AQQ, No. 105ArmadilloBetty BusbyArtwork
AQQ, No. 105Working Title #5Sidnee SnellArtwork
AQQ, No. 107CardinalSonia GrasvikArtwork
AQQ, No. 107Neon Study 1Lisa KijakArtwork
AQQ, No. 108PeaceLiz BergArtwork
AQQ, No. 108Flowers of the FieldLaura WasilowskiArtwork
AQQ, No. 109RhythmsCindy GrisdelaArtwork
AQQ, No. 1010John Lefelhocz's material transformationsLori Lee TriplettArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1010The Awefsome Face Painting of the North Coast Mona LisaJohn LefelhoczArtwork
AQQ, No. 1011Money for NothingJohn LefelhoczArtwork
AQQ, No. 1012Match SchticksJohn LefelhoczArtwork
AQQ, No. 1013Of Salinity and IrritabilityJohn LefelhoczArtwork
AQQ, No. 1014Janis Doucette interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1014Senses of the Fertile SoilJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1015GestationJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1015StratifiedJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1016All's One Under the Sun 2Janis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1016Across the PondJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1017Land MarksJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1017OriginsJanis DoucetteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1018Helen Godden interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1018Heart of AustraliaHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1019Mother EarthHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1020Mekong GoldHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1020BlacksmithHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1021APPreciation - InekaHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1021Screeching CockatooHelen GoddenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1022Lora Rocke interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1023The HaircutLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1023Play FairLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1024One Last LookLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1024Peek-a-BooLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1025Cat-in-the-CradleLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1025Catfish StringerLora RockeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1026Isabelle Wiessler interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1027Burned landscapeIsabelle WiesslerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1028Rindenspiel 3 (Playing with Bark)Isabelle WiesslerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1029Surface 3Isabelle WiesslerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1029Fading roofIsabelle WiesslerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1030SAQA Exhibition: Textile PostersSAQA exhibition
AQQ, No. 1030ShiprockCat LarreaArtwork
AQQ, No. 1030Mammals of OklahomaShannon ConleyArtwork
AQQ, No. 10303 Wise WordsClaire PassmoreArtwork
AQQ, No. 1031Reach for the SkyVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ, No. 1031I Will Not be SilencedBetty BusbyArtwork
AQQ, No. 1031Pardon SnowdenLouise HallArtwork
AQQ, No. 1031Le Chien BlondChristina BlaisArtwork
AQQ, No. 1032Death and Dying: The Ultimate JourneyAlessandra PianoExhibition Review
AQQ, No. 1032LeavingJill KerttulaArtwork
AQQ, No. 1033ConvergenceDeidre SchererArtwork
AQQ, No. 1033Witness TressDeborah FellArtwork
AQQ, No. 1034Raw EmotionVictoria Findlay-WolfeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1034Three Friends of WinterTeresa BarkleyArtwork
AQQ, No. 1034The SearchColleen AnsbaughArtwork
AQQ, No. 1034Portfolio: 2017-3Portfolio
AQQ, No. 1036ConfluenceDeidre AdamsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1037UnfurlingFriedaLindley AndersonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1038SamarasJill AultPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1039The Big PictureChristi BeckmannPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1040FlagNancy BillingsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1041seasons of the marsh--late summerAnn BrauerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1042Tuscan PoppiesPeggy BrownPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1043Ogham, Old Celtic Script, IIIJoke BuursmaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1044EquinoxCarolyn CarsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1045Adam 6.6.19paula chungPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1046Sulfur SpringMaryte CollardPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1047A Walk In The Woods - SummerJennifer ConradPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1048Brilliance . . . . an untethered mindSherri CulverPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1049BLACK MYTHDAMSS Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-SartoriPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1050One TreeSue DennisPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1051Haut-de-CagnesHeather DubreuilPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1052Wrong UniverseSusan ElsePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1053A Torn thing BlowingClairan FerronoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1054Aerial ViewTommy FitzsimmonsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1055Jungle LoveSheila Frampton-CooperPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1056Ebb TideMita GiacominiPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1057Channeling Ernst Haeckel 2Sandy GreggPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1058Tied in KnotsBettyAnn HahnPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1059Other People's MemoriesCarole HarrisPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1060Winter TreesSandra HoefnerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1061Pelican RescueMichelle JacksonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1062The Contact: HeadwatersAnn JohnstonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1063Steel Town: First ShiftPatricia Kennedy-ZafredPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1064Rendezvous BoundSue KingPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1065CrystallineSusanBrubaker KnappPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1066High VoltagePat KrothPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1067The Magic of Color - ButterfliesBarbara LangePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1068Before DaybreakkkGay E. LasherPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1069Breaking UpSusanWebb LeePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1070Vine RipenedEllen LindnerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1071Cover UpSalley MavorPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1072The black dressesLorie McCownPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1073The Long (English) VillageAlicia MerrettPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1074Wrecking the reefAlison MuirPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1075StrataDianeGendelman NunezPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1076Lovely to look at?Pat OwocPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1077Graffiti VKatie Pasquini MasopustPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1078Imported FruitGeri Patterson-KutrasPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1079Stitches VIIIJuliaE. PfaffPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1080Fair Weather (July 19)SusanV. PolanskyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1081SporogenesisElaine QuehlPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1082Rusty Musty FustyMarthaE. ResslerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1083That's Sew Me!Kim H RitterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1084Tlaquepaque, Mexico - Wish You Were HairPam RuBertPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1085Leaf Fall, Oak Leaf Tangle var. 2BarbaraJ. SchneiderPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1086Land MarksAlison SchwabePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1087HARUMaria ShellPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1088Water SpoutBonnieJ. SmithPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1089Boundary Waters 83VirginiaA. SpiegelPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1090Butterfly GirlJudithTomlinson TragerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1091LandscapeGrietje van der VeenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1092Windy City #3Laura WasilowskiPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1093In Time and TimelessNancy WhittingtonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1094Kissed by the sunMarianneR. WilliamsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1095Shifting SandsCharlotte ZiebarthPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1096Griffith and BroadwayMarian ZielinskiPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1097Book review: Quilt National 2017Book review
AQQ, No. 11coverWheat & Barley FieldsPauline BurbidgeArtwork
AQQ, No. 111Show me the money: Art quilt collectors and pricingMeg CoxCollecting
AQQ, No. 111A Rash of FlamingoesRuth McDowellArtwork
AQQ, No. 112Tied in KnotsBetty HahnArtwork
AQQ, No. 112Now You See HimCat LarreaArtwork
AQQ, No. 113GrapesKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ, No. 114Florence NightingaleShin-Hee ChinArtwork
AQQ, No. 114Tracings VI-VIIDeidre AdamsArtwork
AQQ, No. 115Mona in the Age of Social ButterfliesJohn LefelhoczArtwork
AQQ, No. 116Arturo Alonzo Sandoval: Finding magnificence, creating beautySuzanne Smith ArneyArtist interview
AQQ, No. 116State of the Union No. 15: Covert Affairs - Two Futures DiptychArturo Alonzo SandovalArtwork
AQQ, No. 118Ground Zero No. 10: Target Babylon IVArturo Alonzo SandovalArtwork
AQQ, No. 118Flag for the AmericasArturo Alonzo SandovalArtwork
AQQ, No. 119Pattern Fusion No. 13: Motherboard 4 (gold)Arturo Alonzo SandovalArtwork
AQQ, No. 1110Jane Dunnewold: A Contemporary Context for Art Quilt AestheticsDiana Lyn RobertsExhibition Review
AQQ, No. 1111Structure #9: AllianceJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1111Structure #2: Black Star RisingJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1112Structure #10: RebelJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1112Structure #7: ResonanceJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1113Structure #8: VibratoJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1113Structure #1: MessengersJane DunnewoldArtwork
AQQ, No. 1114Regina V. Benson: Making her markSandra SiderCommissions
AQQ, No. 1114Gintaras (Amber)Regina BensonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1116Art Quilts in the United KingdomChristine SeagerInternational Artwork Survey
AQQ, No. 1116Wheat & Barley FieldsPauline BurbidgeArtwork
AQQ, No. 1117Field ForceMichele WalkerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1117KoanAnne SmithArtwork
AQQ, No. 1118Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today?Annabel RainbowArtwork
AQQ, No. 1119Portrait of a MemoryChristine ChesterArtwork
AQQ, No. 1119No Exit, 2013Sara ImpeyArtwork
AQQ, No. 1120Judy Coates Perez interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1121Succulent LoveJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1121Fear of FlyingJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1121Illustrated Document No. 1Judy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1122Polychromatic PredilictionJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1122BushwhackJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1123Liberty AssaultedJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1123Crepuscular FlashJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1123Pink BirdJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ, No. 1124Maryte Collard interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1125HydrangeasMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1125Crocuses in the SnowMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1125Field of Poppies in LatviaMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1125Song of LinenMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1126Sunset on a LakeMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1126Running WaterMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1127Fire and IceMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1127Underground RiverMaryte CollardArtwork
AQQ, No. 1128Noriko Endo interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1129Birds of a Feather Flock TogetherNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1130Simmering ReflectionsNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1130Spring DelightsNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1131Radiant ReflectionsNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1131An Early Spring DayNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1132Robber Barons Second ActShawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1133Shawn Quinlan interviewDiane HowellArtwork
AQQ, No. 1134Jesus Get Your GunShawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1134Creepy Cake: Fear Quilt SeriesShawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1134Look, Dick. Look, Jane.Shawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1135PA Fracking QuiltShawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1135The Crying QuiltShawn QuinlanArtwork
AQQ, No. 1136Guns: Loaded ConversationsSAQA exhibition
AQQ, No. 1136EverydayMargaret AmbramsheArtwork
AQQ, No. 1136Suffer The Little ChildrenJean SredlArtwork
AQQ, No. 1136Where Do You Keep Yours?Claire PassmoreArtwork
AQQ, No. 1137Remembering TrayvonAlice BeasleyArtwork
AQQ, No. 1137Every Other DayJennifer SolonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1137Ma & Pa Get Radicalized in OregonSheryl LeBlancArtwork
AQQ, No. 1138American Folk Art MuseumFran PhillipsCollection
AQQ, No. 1138[Self-Portrait #7] Over HereLuke HaynesArtwork
AQQ, No. 1139Kaleidoscopic XVI: More Is MorePaula NadelsternArtwork
AQQ, No. 1139ReflectionKathyanne WhiteArtwork
AQQ, No. 1140Bittersweet XIINancy CrowArtwork
AQQ, No. 1140Kimono HangingKumiko SudoArtwork
AQQ, No. 1134Portfolio: 2017-4Portfolio
AQQ, No. 1142Crossing #11Regula AffolterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1143YujaLinda AndersonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1144The Body ElectricNancy BardachPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1145Arachnid's Past-TimeMary Beth BellahPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1146Night CathedralCharlotte BirdPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1147A Political Murder 2016Melani Kane BrewerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1148Reflections of VeniceShelley BrucarPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1149Appalachian Spring TrilliumJoAnn Gonzalez CampPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1150River Ramble VErika CarterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1151Burano ReflectionsAnna ChupaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1152MistySharon CollinsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1153Indigo IceJudith ContentPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1154The Blood RemembersSandy CurranPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1155The Old FilmYael David-CohenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1156Refraction #1Jane DunnewoldPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1157At the Edge of the WoodsSarah EntsmingerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1158Cityscape 7Floris FlamPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1159AquiferRandy FrostPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1160Vistas # 3Doria A. GoocherPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1161Uneven BarsCindy GrisdelaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1162Surfaces #8Michele HardyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1163Autumn EveningBarbara Oliver HartmanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1164"Seasonal Hues"Rosemary HoffenbergPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1165Rolling InLaura JaszkowskiPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1166Sippin'Kathleen KastlesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1167In the dreamMisik KimPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1168FiestaCuauhtemoc Q. KishPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1169A Mother's CryBrigitte KoppPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1170Life with a Little Spice-erDeborah A. KusterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1171Ancient Compostie 2Judy LangillePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1172Travel Muse: EnduranceMary-Ellen LatinoPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1173Promised Land 2015? (text messages 9)Uta LenkPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1174RepairKevan LunneyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1175ConnectionTherese MayPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1176Hawaiian Red Crested CardinalBarbara McKiePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1177The Dot and the Line No. 3 - LabyrinthDenise Oyama MillerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1178Dawn LightElisabeth Nacenta de la CroixPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1179Flora I PoppyElsbeth Nusser-LampePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1180LeonardMary B. PalPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1181Time of Day: Nine to FivePat PaulyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1182The Language of Color 9: Color DissonancePixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Portfolio
AQQ, No. 1183Layers Of The FlinthillsRuth PowersPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1184City Side LightsMelody RandolPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1185The PromiseHilary RicePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1186Peek-a-BooLora A. RockePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1187Fractal RibbonsRose RushbrookePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1188CumulusMaya SchonenbergerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1189Treibgut 1+2 (two parts)Monika SebertPortfolio
AQQ, No. 11901961 VW BusTeresa ShippyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1191Tying Up the Hay #9CatherineWhall SmithPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1192River DazeElena StokesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1193Deconstructed Sunrise #3Gwyned TrefethenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1194Room at the TableMaggie VanderweitPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1195FloridbundaSylvia WeirPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1196RindenspielIsabelle WiesslerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1197FredValerie WilsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 11101Book review: Text in Textile ArtSara ImpeyBook review
AQQ, No. 12CoverTransitionJennifer H. LandauArtwork
AQQ, No. 121Collecting Art Quilts at the Indiana State MuseumKate LenkowskyCollecting
AQQ, No. 121Frances Slocum's LandscapePenny SistoArtwork
AQQ, No. 122Etude VI: Golden GridDonna StaderArtwork
AQQ, No. 123CityscapeLinda GrayArtwork
AQQ, No. 123Firebird Among the StarsCathy FranksArtwork
AQQ, No. 124Document Your Art QuiltsDiane HowellCollecting
AQQ, No. 124Sunlit CanyonPatty HawkinsArtwork
AQQ, No. 125Full Fathom FiveEmily RichardsonArtwork
AQQ, No. 126Leaping PointWen RedmondArtwork
AQQ, No. 127Walking the Dogs/SummerLinda LevinArtwork
AQQ, No. 127Abstraction IIGay E. LasherArtwork
AQQ, No. 128Merle Axelrad's Large-scale Fabric CollageNancy FlaggCommissions
AQQ, No. 128Bay Area FoothillsMerle AxelradArtwork
AQQ, No. 129Monterey Bay CanyonMerle AxelradArtwork
AQQ, No. 1210Mission San JoseMerle AxelradArtwork
AQQ, No. 1211Art Quilts in FranceGul LaporteInternational Artwork Survey
AQQ, No. 1211Huis Clos (Closed Session)Anne WoringerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1212Echelle Jaune (Yellow Ladder)Edith RaymondArtwork
AQQ, No. 1212Metro Pariesien (Paris Subway)Cosabeth ParriaudArtwork
AQQ, No. 1213La Rumeur (The Rumor)Genevieve AttingerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1214Light Show: A New Touring ExhibitionSandra SiderExhibition Review
AQQ, No. 1214PrismBonny BrewerArtwork
AQQ, No. 1215Seeing the LightMelisse LangArtwork
AQQ, No. 1215Midnight Fantasy #10Caryl Bryer Fallert-GentryArtwork
AQQ, No. 1215Bringing Memory to LightHelen RemickArtwork
AQQ, No. 1215RadianceColleen WoottonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1215FieldsBarbara O'SteenArtwork
AQQ, No. 1216Lincolnville: RevisitedMaggie DillonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1217Maggie Dillon interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1217Ed, the Farmer, 1922Maggie DillonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1218SophiaMaggie DillonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1218N'awlins HeritageMaggie DillonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1219AnticipationMaggie DillonArtwork
AQQ, No. 1220Terry Grant interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1221Red UmbrellasTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1221Memory of SummerTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1221Red DomesTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1222The Cloth RemembersTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1223RosesTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1223Farmland: Camas Prairie, IdahoTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ, No. 1224TightropeJim HayArtwork
AQQ, No. 1225Jim Hay interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1226Broom Pig ManJim HayArtwork
AQQ, No. 1226Dust to DustJim HayArtwork
AQQ, No. 1227Fish & ChipsJim HayArtwork
AQQ, No. 1227MOVE ForwardJim HayArtwork
AQQ, No. 1228Kit Vincent interviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1229Tricolor WhiteKit VincentArtwork
AQQ, No. 1229Tricolor BlueKit VincentArtwork
AQQ, No. 1230Chaos ButterflyKit VincentArtwork
AQQ, No. 1231SeagateKit VincentArtwork
AQQ, No. 1232MetamorphisisSAQA exhibition
AQQ, No. 1232LakshmiJulie Porter MathurMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1232Third ColonyBetty BusbyMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1232TransitionJennifer H. LandauMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1233Aging OnSherri Lipman McCauleyMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1233Wood Grain #1Valerie Masser-FlanaganMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1233Skin SpotsRosalind S. DanielsMetamorphisis
AQQ, No. 1234Art Quilts Unfolding - Judith LarzelereJudith LarzelereArtist interview
AQQ, No. 1235Art Quilts International: Abstract & GeometricPatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ, No. 1237Portfolio: 2018-1Portfolio
AQQ, No. 1238NanMargaret AbramshePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1239Workout/Serie MissisbrainiRegula AffolterPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1240YujaLinda AndersonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1241Yaquina Point: OceanJill AultPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1242Becoming One with the NightBobbi BaughPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1243Becoming UntiedPat BishopPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1244Time for SpringPeggy BrownPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1245Papa's PursesPat BudgePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1246The Perkerson FarmJoAnn Gonzalez CampPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1247Beach ReflectionsRosemary Claus-GrayPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1248Around the BendVicki ConleyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1249Fern ForestPhyllis CullenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1250Thin PlacesJudy B. DalesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1251In the beginningSue DennisPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1252Stepping UpPat DurbinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1253Garden Party #2Caryl Bryer Fallert-GentryPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1254Petal ParadeTommy FitzsimmonsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1255NakomaBarb ForristerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1256The Old City AwakensJayne Bentley GaskinsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1257ConfettiCindy GrisdelaPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1258PersistencePhillida HargreavesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1259RegattaRosemary HoffenbergPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1260Rivers :: The ColumbiaLisa JenniPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1261American Portraits: Loss in the HeartlandPatricia Kennedy-ZafredPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1262No OutletCatherine KleemanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1263Jump StartPat KrothPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1264BLINKSandra E. LauterbachPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1265Saint AnastasiaSusan LenzPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1266AscendingRegina MarzlinPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1267The black sheepLorie McCownPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1268Lines in the LandscapeAlicia MerrettPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1269No WorriesJeannie Palmer MoorePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1270Truth-i-cide: Choosing CidesNysha Oren NelsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1271Walt Disney Concert HallDan OlfePortfolio
AQQ, No. 1272Water, Earth 5Pat PaulyPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1273Tantramar MarshDeb PlestidPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1274OriginsDorothy G RaymondPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1275Finding Connections #1DeniseL RobertsPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1276Spring TrioJane SassamanPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1277Let me sing you gentle songsMaya SchonenbergerPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1278Council of SixKathleen SharpPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1279Past Present: Snowball EffectSandra SiderPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1280Horizon XII - Peace and QuietElena StokesPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1281Changing of the GuardGwyned TrefethenPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1282Farm BuildingsSylvia WeirPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1283Mosaic Mandala A Harmony of ContrastsNancy WhittingtonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1284Autumn RedsMarianne R. WilliamsonPortfolio
AQQ, No. 1285AncestryMarian ZielinskiPortfolio
AQQ No. 13CoverRevelations: Saints and SinnersNatasha Kempers-CullenArtwork
AQQ No. 131The Far North, Art Quilts in AlaskaMaria ShellRegional Highlight
AQQ No. 131Chugach (2015)Cat LarreaArtwork
AQQ No. 132Alaska Onion domesGail RamsayArtwork
AQQ No. 132SnowblindAmy MeissnerArtwork
AQQ No. 132Bering SeaBeth BlankenshipArtwork
AQQ No. 133Loon Lake LoveKrista FleckensteinArtwork
AQQ No. 133Mind, FullJeannie BenchArtwork
AQQ No. 133JubiloDiane MelmsArtwork
AQQ No. 134The art quilt market, interview with Robert ShawMeg CoxCollecting
AQQ No. 134Peace at Last (from The Paradise Dozen)Radka DonnellArtwork
AQQ No. 135Marsh IslandGayle Fraas/ Duncan SladeArtwork
AQQ No. 136Pancake, Butter and Syrup QuiltRos CrossArtwork
AQQ No. 137MetamorphisisMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ No. 137The Year of the DogSusan ShieArtwork
AQQ No. 138Penny Nii, from A.I. to A.R.TNancy BavorCollecting
AQQ No. 138Revelations: Saints and SinnersNatasha Kempers-CullenArtwork
AQQ No. 139UntitledJudith LarzelereArtwork
AQQ No. 1310Moving OnNancy HermanArtwork
AQQ No. 1310TibetSuzan FriedlandArtwork
AQQ No. 1311The Chicago School of FusingLaura WasilowskiFeatured Group
AQQ No. 1311Time and Place, 2016Robbi EklowArtwork
AQQ No. 1312InkyJudy Coates PerezArtwork
AQQ No. 1312Green Flower FieldEmily ParsonArtwork
AQQ No. 1313Coral Bean PodsJane SassamanArtwork
AQQ No. 1313DomicileMelody JohnsonArtwork
AQQ No. 1313Flower Field #4: Rudbeckia et alSue BennerArtwork
AQQ No. 1314The Appraisal ProcessPatricia MalarcherInterview
AQQ No. 1316Bobbi Baugh InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1317Once She CouldBobbi BaughArtwork
AQQ No. 1318Something Else Will Grow ThereBobbi BaughArtwork
AQQ No. 1318Out of KilterBobbi BaughArtwork
AQQ No. 1319Find Something Real to RememberBobbi BaughArtwork
AQQ No. 1320Pat Kroth InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1320BloomsPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1321Spring GreenPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1321Jump StartPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1322Dream CyclesPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1322VortexPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1323Post Meridian MamboPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1323NestPat KrothArtwork
AQQ No. 1324Alicia Merrett InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1325The City of WellsAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1325Blue Remembered HillsAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1326The Witching Cauldron #2Alicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1326Lines in the LandscapeAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1326A Map for YvonneAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1327Branes, Strings, and M-theoryAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1327Glastonbury Town and the Abbey GroundsAlicia MerrettArtwork
AQQ No. 1328Miki Rodriguez InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1329Cielito Lindo (Precious Sky)Miki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1329FamiliaSagrada.comMiki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1330Yo Amo Tetris (I Love Tetris)Miki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1330Pescando Cyberspace (Catching Cyberspace)Miki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1331Hacker's GardenMiki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1331Words With NancyMiki RodriguezArtwork
AQQ No. 1332Season After SeasonSAQA exhibition
AQQ No. 1332Polar VortexBetty BusbySeason After Season
AQQ No. 1332Everything is Beautiful in Her TimeShin-hee ChinSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1332Time Changes EverythingMarisa MarquezSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1332Big Bend SpringSusie MondaySeason After Season
AQQ No. 1332Mixed Media JourneyJeannie P. MooreSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333Canadian SeasonsJoan F. Hug-ValerioteSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333Saturated SeasonsIvy JensenSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333CalendarLinden LancasterSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333Eastham Marsh: Summer Squall (Tuning Fork #52)Heather PreggerSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333It Suddenly DawnedElena StokesSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1333PhotosynthesisMarianne R. WilliamsonSeason After Season
AQQ No. 1334Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Centurybook review
AQQ No. 1335Polychromatic Screen Printingbook review
AQQ No. 1336Art Quilts UnfoldingSneak Peek
AQQ No. 1336Hall of Memory #10: Guard BearNancy EricksonArtwork
AQQ No. 1337Portfolio: 2018-2Portfolio
AQQ No. 1338MeltdownJoanne AlberdaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1339Big Bang #4Mary Lou AlexanderPortfolio
AQQ No. 1340Past Present and FutureIlse Anysas-SalkauskasPortfolio
AQQ No. 1341Aztec AltarNancy BardachPortfolio
AQQ No. 1342Spring Into My Arms Flutter-byMary Beth BellahPortfolio
AQQ No. 1343ZooSandra BranjordPortfolio
AQQ No. 1344Purple GirlSusan Brubaker KnappPortfolio
AQQ No. 1345HarvestBetty BusbyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1346HarmonyErika CarterPortfolio
AQQ No. 1347Fire and Ice #2Maryte CollardPortfolio
AQQ No. 1348A Walk in the Woods - SpringJennifer ConradPortfolio
AQQ No. 1349RaySherri CulverPortfolio
AQQ No. 1350DuetYael David CohenPortfolio
AQQ No. 1351AnticipationMaggie DillonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1352The Sum of Its PartsHeather DubreuilPortfolio
AQQ No. 1353Water IIClairan FerronoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1354EquipoiseFloris FlamPortfolio
AQQ No. 1355CrescendoElizabeth FramPortfolio
AQQ No. 1356TrioMita GiacominiPortfolio
AQQ No. 1357Manitoulin Rocks and ForestGunnel HagPortfolio
AQQ No. 1358Parched Earth: The Mail BoxesBev HaringPortfolio
AQQ No. 1359Kerb (Curb)Susan HotchkisPortfolio
AQQ No. 1360Moon and StarsJill JensenPortfolio
AQQ No. 1361Some differencesMisik KimPortfolio
AQQ No. 1362Birthday Book for ElliottShery Davis KleinmanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1363CautiousDeborah KusterPortfolio
AQQ No. 1364Fritillary and ThistleTracey LawkoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1365Star Chart Treasure MapKay LiggettPortfolio
AQQ No. 1366Ode to Banksias 7Susan Roberts MatthewsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1367Northern Gannet RookeryBarbara Barrick McKiePortfolio
AQQ No. 1368EROSIONElizabeth Michelloud-DutheilPortfolio
AQQ No. 1369Snow and AshHilde MorinPortfolio
AQQ No. 1370Not Less ThanKathy NidaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1371Lighthouse KeeperMary PalPortfolio
AQQ No. 1372End Gun ViolenceKathryn PellmanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1373Not To Be TabledSusan V. PolanskyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1374In Dreams I Drifted AwaySue RenoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1375Night VisitorsJudith RoderickPortfolio
AQQ No. 1376LuminescenceHelena SchefferPortfolio
AQQ No. 1377…and the SkepticKaren SchulzPortfolio
AQQ No. 1378Summer SolsticeSara SharpPortfolio
AQQ No. 1379Transfusion #3Catherine Whall SmithPortfolio
AQQ No. 1380In Fashion MoodTiziana TateoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1381Room at the TableMaggie VanderweitPortfolio
AQQ No. 1382FIREWEEDJean WellsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1383Hoirzonte 5Isabelle WiesslerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1384The DandyValerie WilsonPortfolio
AQQ No. 14CoverMovement #66: Silence and MerimentYasuko SaitoArtwork
AQQ No. 14Contents pageSaturated SeasonsIvy Jensen & Rita JoseckArtwork
AQQ No. 141Japanese art quilts todayJacqueline Marx AtkinsRegional Highlight
AQQ No. 141To TomorrowKeiko GokeArtwork
AQQ No. 142Princess of Weaving IV (Orihime IV)Emiko Toda LoebArtwork
AQQ No. 143Alive in the ShadowNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ No. 143At a Café: My 'Ecole de Paris'Yoshiko KuriharaArtwork
AQQ No. 143Movement #66: Silence and MerrimentYasuko SaitoArtwork
AQQ No. 144Cosmos #7 (Kaze - Wind)Shoko HatanoArtwork
AQQ No. 145Overlapping Log CabinMiki MurakamiArtwork
AQQ No. 145The Crossing Times 7Chiaki DoshoArtwork
AQQ No. 146Exploring the quilt in three dimentionsTrudi Van DykeFeatured Group
AQQ No. 146DryadsE.A. Skeeter ScheidArtwork
AQQ No. 146Sunlit TreeE.A. Skeeter ScheidArtwork
AQQ No. 147Whose Garden Was This?Eileen DoughyArtwork
AQQ No. 147Gold Leaf TeaEileen DoughyArtwork
AQQ No. 148Sunflower quarterAndrea FinchArtwork
AQQ No. 149Step Right UpSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 149Women of the Woods (detail)Mary Beth BellahArtwork
AQQ No. 1410Evanescence: Judith ContentJudith ContentArtist interview
AQQ No. 1411BittersweetJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1411Bitter Suite Series IJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1412PassageJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1413Under CurrentJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1413Wagashi Series IJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1413Chalcedony Series IIIJudith ContentArtwork
AQQ No. 1414Commision takes an unexpected turnTeresa Duryea WongCommissions
AQQ No. 1414Entering Eden $2Noriko EndoArtwork
AQQ No. 1415Whispering WingsNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ No. 1416The Fabric of MemoryJeanne KnudsenExhibition
AQQ No. 1416Daily ChoresLinda McDonaldArtwork
AQQ No. 1417Letting GoNaoko Yoshimura ItoArtwork
AQQ No. 1417One SuitcaseCarol KolfArtwork
AQQ No. 1418Margaret Abramshe InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1419Stranger in a Strange LandMargaret AbramsheArtwork
AQQ No. 1420Aunt GinMargaret AbramsheArtwork
AQQ No. 1420NanMargaret AbramsheArtwork
AQQ No. 1421JanaMargaret AbramsheArtwork
AQQ No. 1421RiverwalkMargaret AbramsheArtwork
AQQ No. 1422Maya Chaimovich InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1422Primal LandscapeMaya ChaimovichArtwork
AQQ No. 1423At DawnMaya ChaimovichArtwork
AQQ No. 1423Hidden LineMaya ChaimovichArtwork
AQQ No. 1424Twinkling StarsMaya ChaimovichArtwork
AQQ No. 1425Rust Forever (2)Maya ChaimovichArtwork
AQQ No. 1426Hollis Chatelain InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1427InnocenceHollis ChatelainArtwork
AQQ No. 1428Hope for Our WorldHollis ChatelainArtwork
AQQ No. 1429ProtectionHollis ChatelainArtwork
AQQ No. 1429Beautiful WandererHollis ChatelainArtwork
AQQ No. 1429Bath TimeHollis ChatelainArtwork
AQQ No. 1430Kevan Rupp Lunney InterviewDiane HowellInterview
AQQ No. 1431Archeology 15: Enso CompassionKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1431Archeology Series - Acanthus, Planet, Key, OpenKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1432Archeology 24: A Time to RestKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1432ChoicesKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1433RepairKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1433ConnectionsKevan Rupp LunneyArtwork
AQQ No. 1434Dusk to DawnSAQA exhibition
AQQ No. 1434MoonlightShin-hee ChinDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1434I SeePat Baum-BishopDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1434Strange Attractor #2 - Solstice: The Light ReturnsNiraja C. LorenzDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1435AuroraTerry AskeDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1435The Night of the Moskg'mol (Spirit Bear)Donna M. KraneDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1435Another Long NightLisa WaltonDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1435Moon DanceHelena SchefferDusk to Dawn
AQQ No. 1436Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters: The Story of an American ImportPatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ No. 1437Cotton & Indogo from JapanPatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ No. 1438Art Quilts UnfoldingSneak Peek
AQQ No. 1438Light and Dark IIChiaki DoshoArtwork
AQQ No. 1439Portfolio: 2018-3Portfolio
AQQ No. 1440Satirical StillnessB. J. AdamsPortfolio
AQQ No. 144111 Farm BirdsPamela AllenPortfolio
AQQ No. 1442DiagonalLudmila AristovaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1443The Life Cycle of a Little Black DressTeresa BarkleyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1444Low TideRegina V. BensonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1445reflections on the nightAnn BrauerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1446Water's EdgeShelley BrucarPortfolio
AQQ No. 1447Ogham, Old Celtic Script VJoke BuursmaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1448Laid BareHarriet Cherry CheneyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1449Northern ReflectionsSharon CollinsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1450SpiresJudith ContentPortfolio
AQQ No. 1451Polarization PainSandy CurranPortfolio
AQQ No. 1452Storm, Horizon & WavesFenella DaviesPortfolio
AQQ No. 14533rd Time is the CharmGiny DixonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1454Absolutely Amazing!Susan ElsePortfolio
AQQ No. 1455From The Outside In 6: A Seeing Way seriesLinda Filby-FisherPortfolio
AQQ No. 1456At CrossroadsKatriina FlensburgPortfolio
AQQ No. 1457Ruins of RoussillonSheil Frampton CooperPortfolio
AQQ No. 1458Weeping Willow VJulia GraberPortfolio
AQQ No. 1459InsomniaBetty Ann HahnPortfolio
AQQ No. 1460Nature VIII: After RainLynne G. HarrillPortfolio
AQQ No. 1461Change Isn't Glacial AnymoreLaura JaszkowskiPortfolio
AQQ No. 1462AmazedAnn JohnstonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1463DialectLyric Montgomery KinardPortfolio
AQQ No. 1464A Year in the ForestMarjan KluepfelPortfolio
AQQ No. 1465Urban BugsBarbara LangePortfolio
AQQ No. 1466Moons in a Distant SkySusan Webb LeePortfolio
AQQ No. 1467Dream TreeHsin-Chen LinPortfolio
AQQ No. 1468Twelve StepsKathleen McCabePortfolio
AQQ No. 1469DescentAmy MeissnerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1470Bird's Eye ViewDenise Oyama MillerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1471Côté Nuit-Night is FallingElizabeth Nacenta de la CroixPortfolio
AQQ No. 1472Sleep PatternStephanie NordlinPortfolio
AQQ No. 1473Where Do You Keep Yours?Claire PassmorePortfolio
AQQ No. 1474Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: 78¢ on the DollarPixeladies (Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki)Portfolio
AQQ No. 1475Wild Thing (Tuning Fork #36)Heather PreggerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1476Purple Sky, Red RoofMartha ResslerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1477The Truth MattersConnie RohmanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1478Council of SixKathleen SharpPortfolio
AQQ No. 1479Summer SolsticeSara SharpPortfolio
AQQ No. 1480Presidential FabricationsNorma SchlagerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1481Corona #4Alison SchwabePortfolio
AQQ No. 1482Mirror BallMaria ShellPortfolio
AQQ No. 1483She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the seaSarah Ann SmithPortfolio
AQQ No. 1484Old Brick Farm HouseCatherine R. TimmPortfolio
AQQ No. 1485Pop Goes the WorldK. Velis TuranPortfolio
AQQ No. 1486And the Sky Rolled Up Like a ScrollGrace Harbin Wever, Ph.D.Portfolio
AQQ No. 1487Full CircleShea WilkinsonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1488Women's March 2017: by the NumbersKathy YorkPortfolio
AQQ No. 151Danny Amazonas, Collaging lifeLori Lee TriplettArtist interview
AQQ No. 152AbyssDanny AmazonasArtwork
AQQ No. 152ReadyDanny AmazonasArtwork
AQQ No. 153XaviDanny AmazonasArtwork
AQQ No. 153LevitateDanny AmazonasArtwork
AQQ No. 154Pattern in motion: changing styles in contemporary quilt artSandra SiderFeatured Group
AQQ No. 154Mirrored StepsPauline BurbidgeArtwork
AQQ No. 154Dancing LinesPauline BurbidgeArtwork
AQQ No. 155Red ZingerMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ No. 155AllegoryMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ No. 156Dimensional PortalKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 156PizzicatoKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 157Which batting is best?Diane HowellConservation
AQQ No. 158We Live Here: A commission focusing on communitySusan ElseCommissions
AQQ No. 158We Live HereSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 159We Live Here - detailSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 1510We Live Here - detailSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 1511We Live Here - detailSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 1512Navigating the digital photography wildernessDeidre AdamsTechnology
AQQ No. 1513Navigating the digital photography wildernessDeidre AdamsTechnology
AQQ No. 1514Navigating the digital photography wildernessDeidre AdamsTechnology
AQQ No. 1515Navigating the digital photography wildernessDeidre AdamsTechnology
AQQ No. 1516Rod Daniel InterviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1517Blue ChevyRod DanielArtwork
AQQ No. 1518The ApproachRod DanielArtwork
AQQ No. 1518BuddiesRod DanielArtwork
AQQ No. 1519Can't Find a PulseRod DanielArtwork
AQQ No. 1519Sitting PrettyRod DanielArtwork
AQQ No. 1520Karol Kusmaul InterviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1521Grandma MagicKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1521FlirtingKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1522Army DadKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1522PotteryKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1523SongKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1523EnthronedKarol KusmaulArtwork
AQQ No. 1524Brenda Gael Smith InterviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1524Flotsom & JetsamBrenda Gael SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 1525Integrifolia#2: UnlockedBrenda Gael SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 1526Dreamlines #9: Big Data: ContraflowBrenda Gael SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 1526Seachange: Whale TracksBrenda Gael SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 1527selections from Copa AbrstractionsBrenda Gael SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 1528Elena Stokes InterviewDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1529Horizon XII: Peace and QuietElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1529River DreamsElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1530Infinity VIElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1530Horizon XIXElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1530Horizon XXElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1531SolarisElena StokesArtwork
AQQ No. 1532Forced To FleeSAQA exhibition
AQQ No. 1532Mourning DovesBetty BusbyForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1532Tired and PoorKathleen LoomisForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1532PrayerMary PalmerForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1533Page 27 - Exodus 1Sabi WestobyForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1533Chana's QuiltChristine SeagerForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1533RoadmapMargaret AbramsheForced to Flee
AQQ No. 1534The Marbaum Collection: A Collector's Choice of Contemporary QuiltsPatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ No. 1535Art Quilts UnfoldingSneak Peek
AQQ No. 1535Slave Ship Henriette MarieMichael CummingsArtwork
AQQ No. 1536Portfolio: 2018-4Portfolio
AQQ No. 1537ConnectionsDeidre AdamsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1538UnfurlingFrieda Lindley AndersonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1539Au Nom du DroitGeneviève AttingerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1540Poppy No. 9, ConfettiSharon M. W. BassPortfolio
AQQ No. 1541Beneath the SurfaceCharlotte BirdPortfolio
AQQ No. 1542Pollinators on WisteriaKathie BriggsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1543Dame LorraineSandra BrucePortfolio
AQQ No. 1544MeasureSusan B. CallahanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1545Landscape of Memory iiChristine ChesterPortfolio
AQQ No. 1546Moth HaikuLinda ColshPortfolio
AQQ No. 1547PineconesLenore H. CrawfordPortfolio
AQQ No. 1548Creative BeingDenise A. CurrierPortfolio
AQQ No. 1549Sunset by the SeaMarcia DeCampPortfolio
AQQ No. 1550Bubble IIIChiaki DoshoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1551Rough WaterSarah Lykins EntsmingerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1552Black Mountain #3Dianne FirthPortfolio
AQQ No. 1553Field Study (O4P4)Lisa Flowers RossPortfolio
AQQ No. 1554Renewal IXRandy FrostPortfolio
AQQ No. 1555Atmosphere 4Sandy GreggPortfolio
AQQ No. 1556Mapforms #5Michele HardyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1557Atmospheric DisturbanceBarbara Oliver HartmanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1558Nests & Vessels#1: The House Protects The DreamerLeslie Tucker JenisonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1559ExhaustionKathleen KastlesPortfolio
AQQ No. 1560SignalsPaula KovarikPortfolio
AQQ No. 1561WANDERLUSTMary-Ellen LatinoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1562Cape HornAmelia LeighPortfolio
AQQ No. 1563Finding the WayKarin LusnakPortfolio
AQQ No. 1564Frayed TruthsSherri Lipman McCauleyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1565MirageDiane MelmsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1566Dreams of Falling WaterMelody MoneyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1567Spring LandscapeRee NancarrowPortfolio
AQQ No. 1568StrataDiane NúñezPortfolio
AQQ No. 1569Conversations with the MorningGeri Patterson-KutrasPortfolio
AQQ No. 1570Rocky FlumeMelody RandolPortfolio
AQQ No. 1571Just Shooting the BullKim H. RitterPortfolio
AQQ No. 1572Tiny House for People Who Like to Take BathsPam RuBertPortfolio
AQQ No. 1573Line Play, var. 1Barbara SchneiderPortfolio
AQQ No. 1574the coreMonika SebertPortfolio
AQQ No. 15751960 Convertible Cadillac with a 1961 Shasta Airflyte TrailerTeresa ShippyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1576Boundary Waters 92Virginia A. SpiegelPortfolio
AQQ No. 1577Rift - Dakota FormationJudith Tomlinson TragerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1578Another Long NightLisa WaltonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1579Sacred StoriesValerie Cecilia WhitePortfolio
AQQ No. 1580The Wild SuftEileen J. WilliamsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1581CarnivalCharlotte ZiebarthPortfolio
AQQ No. 1582Where Dreams are BornJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ No. 1583OpusJoan SchulzeArtwork
AQQ No. 1589New AcquisitionPatricia Kennedy-ZafredCollecting
AQQ No. 1589TaggedPatricia Kennedy-ZafredArtwork
AQQ No. 16CoverReach for the SkyVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 161Teri Donovan, Eclectic CollectorPaul CorriganCollecting
AQQ No. 161Leelanau AutumnDesiree VaughnArtwork
AQQ No. 161LunaKathie BriggsArtwork
AQQ No. 162Meadow PineNelda WarkentinArtwork
AQQ No. 162Henrietta the OctopusBetty BusbyArtwork
AQQ No. 163UntitledPeg KeeneyArtwork
AQQ No. 163The Red Drop TreeYvonne PorcellaArtwork
AQQ No. 164Opportunities for collectors at Quilt NationalTrudi Van DykeCollecting
AQQ No. 164Nothing to FearSusan ElseArtwork
AQQ No. 165Family ReunionCatherine KleemanArtwork
AQQ No. 165Big Leaf 24Dominie NashArtwork
AQQ No. 166SpringFieldBrooke A. AthertonArtwork
AQQ No. 166Sunlit CanyonPatty HawkinsArtwork
AQQ No. 167Graffiti Series: Chain LinkKerby C. SmithArtwork
AQQ No. 167RegattaRosemary HoffenbergArtwork
AQQ No. 168Fair tradeTafi BrownCommissions
AQQ No. 169Rhoades PlaceTafi BrownArtwork
AQQ No. 1610Katie Pasquini Masopust's painterly art qultsKris SazakiArtist Highlight
AQQ No. 1610BouquetKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1611Rio HondoKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1612Fantasy ForestKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1613DaffodilsKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1613ValerianKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1614Art quilts in Australia and New ZealandBrenda Gael SmithRegional Highlight
AQQ No. 1614Firewheel Spectacular 2Lois Parish EvansArtwork
AQQ No. 1614The Space Between viiiAlysn Midgelow-MarsdenArtwork
AQQ No. 1615Zap Zing ZowieRachaeldaisyArtwork
AQQ No. 1615Sea Wall #9Sandra ChampionArtwork
AQQ No. 1616I would be artTara GlastonburyArtwork
AQQ No. 1616Australian PrintSuzanne ReidArtwork
AQQ No. 1617Women's MagicAlison WithersArtwork
AQQ No. 1617Place of ReflectionLinden LancasterArtwork
AQQ No. 1618Astrid Hilger BennettDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1619BotanicalAstrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1619Winds in SpringAstrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1620Tarp Series: Post Japan: Stones 2Astrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1620Revelry in OrangeAstrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1621Tarp Series: Arizona RemnantAstrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1621Tarp Series: Post Japan: StonesAstrid Hilger BennettArtwork
AQQ No. 1622Linda ColshDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1623The Long RunLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1623MelancholiaLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1623Hearing the Quiet, Walking the CreeksLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1624ThisLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1624ThatLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1625Once BelongedLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1625BaggageLinda ColshArtwork
AQQ No. 1626Vicki ConleyDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1627Grand PrismaticVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 1627Saguaro SunsetVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 1628OregonyVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 1629Beauty BeneathVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 1629Reach for the SkyVicki ConleyArtwork
AQQ No. 1630Jayne Bentley GaskinsDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1631Rhythm of the CityJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1631MemoriesJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1632A Note from Papa HJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1632UnregulatedJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1632The Lowly Fire HydrantJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1632Explosion in the Thread FactoryJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1633Land of CottonJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1633WatchingJayne Bentley GaskinsArtwork
AQQ No. 1633Spiraling Currents of Golden LightJayne Bentley GaskinsArtist Highlight
AQQ No. 1634Connecting our Natural WorldsSAQA Global Exhibition
AQQ No. 1634Precious ReservesLinda Syverson GuildConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 1634ContaminatedLaura FoggConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 1635HillsideMarianne R. WilliamsonConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 1635Sonoran MonsoonDebra KayConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 16352 PodsColleen S. AnsbaughConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 1635Autumn ReflectionsDonna DeaverConnecting our Natural Worlds
AQQ No. 1636Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s ConsciencePatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ No. 1637Digital Fiber ArtPatricia Kennedy-Zafredbook review
AQQ No. 1638Art Quilts UnfoldingSneak Peek
AQQ No. 1638FjordDorothy CaldwellArtwork
AQQ No. 1640BondMargaret Lowers AbramshePortfolio
AQQ No. 1641Passages: Coming ThroughJoanne AlberdaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1642A Game of LifeIlse Anysas-SalkauskasPortfolio
AQQ No. 1643Bolt From the BlueNancy BardachPortfolio
AQQ No. 1644Night FireRegina V. BensonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1645Bedroom in My HousePat BishopPortfolio
AQQ No. 1646Rise Up: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightMelani Kane BrewerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1647The Notorious RBGSandra BrucePortfolio
AQQ No. 1648WillowPat BudgePortfolio
AQQ No. 1649Descending Blood MountainJoAnn CampPortfolio
AQQ No. 1650A Thousand Lives (Ruby Kendrick)Shin-hee Kang ChinPortfolio
AQQ No. 1651Water WritingLinda ColshPortfolio
AQQ No. 1652MeltwaterJudith ContentPortfolio
AQQ No. 1653Water LilyLenore CrawfordPortfolio
AQQ No. 1654Long Hard DayJennifer DayPortfolio
AQQ No. 1655Coastal Passage: Beautiful VictimGiny DixonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1656Blue PrintWilly DoreleijersPortfolio
AQQ No. 1657We Live HereSusan ElsePortfolio
AQQ No. 1658Fracking Breaks the Earth's HeartClairan FerronoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1659At Crossroads #4Katrina FlensburgPortfolio
AQQ No. 1660Where Did the Kings River Go?Linda GassPortfolio
AQQ No. 1661The '93 PeteJulia GraberPortfolio
AQQ No. 1662Sea Anemone FlorescenceCara GulatiPortfolio
AQQ No. 1663River EddiesPhillida HargreavesPortfolio
AQQ No. 1664On the BeachBev HaringPortfolio
AQQ No. 1665Fish & ChipsJim HayPortfolio
AQQ No. 1666Chinese WhispersJudy HooworthPortfolio
AQQ No. 1667Rings of EternityLisa JenniPortfolio
AQQ No. 1668Flatirons SymphonyAnnette KennedyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1669Accession: Something AddedLyric Montgomery KinardPortfolio
AQQ No. 1670Seeing RedCatherine KleemanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1671Yin und Yang Bowl IIBrigitte KoppPortfolio
AQQ No. 1672Beastie Boy and His PalsPaula KovarikPortfolio
AQQ No. 1673Moonrise in a West Texas CanyonEllie KreneckPortfolio
AQQ No. 1674Culture of FearCarol LarsonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1675HoneybeeTracey LawkoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1676LossSusan LenzPortfolio
AQQ No. 1677RepairKevan Rupp LunneyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1678Banksia Country 2Susan Roberts MatthewsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1679Macleays Honey Eater of AustraliaBarbara Barrick McKiePortfolio
AQQ No. 1680Thrill RideDiane MelmsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1681Embracing MossHilde MorinPortfolio
AQQ No. 1682ValueAlison MuirPortfolio
AQQ No. 1683Habitat Loss, Plumage MismatchRee NancarrowPortfolio
AQQ No. 1684Shy Lisbeth Breaks Out of her ShellMarty OrnishPortfolio
AQQ No. 1685Connectivity IIClaire PassmorePortfolio
AQQ No. 1686Repeat VJulia E. PfaffPortfolio
AQQ No. 1687An Ordinary DaySusan V. PolanskyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1688Come Holy SpiritRuth PowersPortfolio
AQQ No. 1689SolitudeDorothy RaymondPortfolio
AQQ No. 1690Gone FishingSusan RienzoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1691All The News That's Fit to PrintNorma SchlagerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1692Objects in This MirrorKaren SchulzPortfolio
AQQ No. 16931948 Greyhound BusTeresa ShippyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1694SilencedMary Ruth SmithPortfolio
AQQ No. 1695Rose HipSarah Ann SmithPortfolio
AQQ No. 1696River DreamsElena StokesPortfolio
AQQ No. 1697SpiralingKate ThemelPortfolio
AQQ No. 1698U-TubesGrietje van der VeenPortfolio
AQQ No. 1699Broken CirclesLisa WaltonPortfolio
AQQ No. 16100The Sixth Seal IIIGrace Harbin WeverPortfolio
AQQ No. 16101Beach ComberEileen J. WilliamsPortfolio
AQQ No. 16102Slanted Blocks/City HallAdrienne YorinksPortfolio
AQQ No. 16103The Heron, the Kayak, and the Grebes: Part IKathy YorkPortfolio
AQQ No. 16109Spotlight on collectionsEllen OppenheimerCollecting
AQQ No. 16109T-Block #9Ellen OppenheimerArtwork
AQQ No. 17CoverColoraturaBetty BusbyArtwork
AQQ No. 171Art quilts inside a museum that glowsTeresa Duryea WongCollecting
AQQ No. 172UntitledHelen BitarArtwork
AQQ No. 172Home EconomicsMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ No. 173Groovy ValentineAi KijimaArtwork
AQQ No. 173Ohio Blues Moon (Revised)Susan Shie and James AcordArtwork
AQQ No. 174Benefits and challenges: Cloth in CommonKarol KusmaulFeatured Group
AQQ No. 174MXY RoadMaria ShellArtwork
AQQ No. 175The Shape of WaterMikiko TakaseArtwork
AQQ No. 175What's Behind the MaskSandra van VelzenArtwork
AQQ No. 175Broken CirclesLisa WaltonArtwork
AQQ No. 176Nesting SeasonRegina MarzlinArtwork
AQQ No. 176Pockets of TimeColleen KoleArtwork
AQQ No. 176Masks From the 30 Years WarMartha ResslerArtwork
AQQ No. 177When the Lights Come OnTerry GrantArtwork
AQQ No. 177Scattered Black and WhitesLeah HigginsArtwork
AQQ No. 177Time FlowsEunhee LeeArtwork
AQQ No. 178Artwork brightens a city's utility boxesLisa Flowers RossCommissions
AQQ No. 178Leaf Stack #26Lisa Flowers RossArtwork
AQQ No. 179Front view of Leaf Stack #26 wrap on utility boxLisa Flowers RossArtwork
AQQ No. 179OrchardsRena VendewaterArtwork
AQQ No. 1710Art quilts in Norway: Expanding opportunitiesDaisy AschehougRegional Highlight
AQQ No. 1710Fri (Free)Nina Lise MoenArtwork
AQQ No. 1711Reflection in GreenTurid TønnessenArtwork
AQQ No. 1711Betelnuts and Rice WineTurid TønnessenArtwork
AQQ No. 1712Tetraeder (Triangle)Kjersti ThoenArtwork
AQQ No. 1712Å Leve (To Live)Iina AlhoArtwork
AQQ No. 1712SK 537 HAM - OSLInger-Ann OlsenArtwork
AQQ No. 1713Slektskap I (Kinship I)Frøydis MyhreArtwork
AQQ No. 1713Blue NightEldrid Røyset FørdeArtwork
AQQ No. 1714Sales of art quilts trending upwardsDiane HowellCollecting
AQQ No. 1715HARU (Metamorphosis)Maria ShellArtwork
AQQ No. 1715One PulseSusanna HotchkissArtwork
AQQ No. 1716Ana BuzzalinoDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1717What RemainsAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1717Still StandingAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1718The Prairie's Changing LandscapeAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1718ReflectionsAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1719Flowing Water Among the RocksAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1719AbandonedAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1719WarnerAna BuzzalinoArtwork
AQQ No. 1720Susie MondayDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1720Season HeartbreakSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1721Judy ChicagoSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1721Big Bend AgaveSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1722FirestormSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1722Jazz, 3Susie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1723Borderlands GuadalupeSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1723Outside the LinesSusie MondayArtwork
AQQ No. 1724Kathryn PellmanDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1724Fashionista QuilterKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1725Without A HomeKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1725End Gun ViolenceKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1726Word SaladKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1726The Beauty ShopKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1726Five Calls A Week Real and ImaginedKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1727Cowboy Jack and Geeky Chic LuluKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1727Resist Persist Create, advice for troubled timesKathryn PellmanArtwork
AQQ No. 1728Ulva UgerupDiane HowellArtist interview
AQQ No. 1729Halleluja!Ulva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1729Halleluja Ladies No. 5Ulva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1730Pain in Hands, Knees, Back and Teeth - then Embroidery Helps!Ulva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1730Face Crime against Old People! My Home is MineUlva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1731Freedom Fighters - Hat CalendarUlva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1731Birthright of Woman:
To Decide Myself what to wear on my Head
Ulva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1731My Burning SelfUlva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1731Angel of Power - for our Swedish DemocracyUlva UgerupArtwork
AQQ No. 1732Layered & Stitched: 50 Years of Innovative ArtSAQA exhibition
AQQ No. 1732Steen's QuiltCharlotte YdeArtwork
AQQ No. 1732Bridget QuiltTherese MayArtwork
AQQ No. 1732Clear PalisadesLinda MacDonaldArtwork
AQQ No. 1732BouréeMichael JamesArtwork
AQQ No. 1733New DawnCaryl Bryer Fallert-GentryArtwork
AQQ No. 1733Come Again KabukiYvonne PorcellaArtwork
AQQ No. 1733Radiant ReflectionsNoriko EndoArtwork
AQQ No. 1733Spring EquinoxKatie Pasquini MasopustArtwork
AQQ No. 1734Art Quilts UnfoldingPatricia Kennedy-ZafredBook Review
AQQ No. 1735Quilt National: The Best of Contemporary QuiltsPatricia Kennedy-ZafredBook Review
AQQ No. 1737Big Bang #9Mary Lou AlexanderPortfolio
AQQ No. 1738Etude #47Ludmila AristovaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1739Three Friends of WinterTeresa BarkleyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1740Flower Field #5: VarietySue BennerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1741Brushstrokes: JasperArlene L. BlackburnPortfolio
AQQ No. 1742Pages in My BookPeggy BrownPortfolio
AQQ No. 1743ColoraturaBetty BusbyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1744New Work: New YorkBenedicte CaneillPortfolio
AQQ No. 1745Significant StitchesJette CloverPortfolio
AQQ No. 1746TesseractShannon M. ConleyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1747CASTELLUCCIO the ghost townDAMSS Daniela Arnoldi and Marco Sarzi-SartoriPortfolio
AQQ No. 1748Tarmac TroublesMarcia DeCampPortfolio
AQQ No. 1749The Crossing Times 13Chiaki DoshoPortfolio
AQQ No. 1750Morning RainSarah Lykins EntsmingerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1751Unity 13 Medicine Wheel seriesLinda Filby-FisherPortfolio
AQQ No. 1752Crystal MerSheila Frampton-CooperPortfolio
AQQ No. 1753Spiraling Currents of Golden LightJayne Bentley GaskinsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1754Kneel Before MeVirginia GreavesPortfolio
AQQ No. 1755Green is the New BlackGunnel HagPortfolio
AQQ No. 1756Heat Waves XVIII: Coral ReefLynne G. HarrillPortfolio
AQQ No. 1757Seed PodsSusan HellerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1758AlderneySusan HotchkisPortfolio
AQQ No. 1759Tree of LifeJill JensenPortfolio
AQQ No. 1760Coal Town: Second ShiftPatricia Kennedy-ZafredPortfolio
AQQ No. 1761Dancing ColorsMichele O'Neil KincaidPortfolio
AQQ No. 1762My Friend WinnieSherry Davis KleinmanPortfolio
AQQ No. 1763Fiber OpticsPat KrothPortfolio
AQQ No. 1764Bonamargy FriaryDenise LabadiePortfolio
AQQ No. 1765Cascading BlueJudith LarzelerePortfolio
AQQ No. 1766Board GameSusan Webb LeePortfolio
AQQ No. 1767Pompei and Vesuvius, AD 79Kay LiggettPortfolio
AQQ No. 1768Stepping OutKarin LusnakPortfolio
AQQ No. 1769A Quiet MomentKathleen McCabePortfolio
AQQ No. 1770Blue Remembered HillsAlicia MerrettPortfolio
AQQ No. 1771EstuaryMelody MoneyPortfolio
AQQ No. 1772Network in the Flow of TimeJudith MundwilerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1773Jacobean FlowersStephanie NordlinPortfolio
AQQ No. 177417Pat OwocPortfolio
AQQ No. 1775The NeighborhoodGeri Patterson-KutrasPortfolio
AQQ No. 1776No More Labels: A Plea for Civil DiscourseMargaret A. PhillipsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1777Shock MeltHeather PreggerPortfolio
AQQ No. 1778The Content of the LightWen RedmondPortfolio
AQQ No. 1779Background NoiseKaren RipsPortfolio
AQQ No. 1780The Big CheeseLora RockePortfolio
AQQ No. 1781Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 13Barbara J. SchneiderPortfolio
AQQ No. 1782Sweat Of The Sun; Tears Of The MoonAlison SchwabePortfolio
AQQ No. 1783Tunicata IV: Grass PartySandra SiderPortfolio
AQQ No. 1784Women of Color RiseJoan SowadaPortfolio
AQQ No. 1785Jan's XblockMary TabarPortfolio
AQQ No. 1786Fall Scene by the RapidsCatherine Ruth TimmPortfolio
AQQ No. 1787Indigo PartyMaggie VanderweitPortfolio
AQQ No. 1788Musical ChairLaura WasilowskiPortfolio
AQQ No. 1789Catch of the DayValerie C. WhitePortfolio
AQQ No. 1790Blue CascadeMarianne R. WilliamsonPortfolio
AQQ No. 1791How Many Moons?Charlotte ZiebarthPortfolio
AQQ No. 1797Spotlight on collectionsHeather PreggerCollecting
AQQ No. 1797Blacks Against the Wall (Tuning Fork #38)Heather PreggerArtwork

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