Anne Rayner-Gould’s Auction Donation

Anne Rayner-Gould is an artist and writer who somehow manages to work full-time and still volunteer to support SAQA. Her auction quilt donation “Grey Sky, Bright Forest” will appear in section 4 of the SAQA Benefit Auction. I was chatting with Anne via e-mail and realized she had a good story here so I thought I would share it with you all.

Ferrin: Anne, why did you donate an artwork to the auction?

Rayner-Gould:  I donated my auction quilt because I feel SAQA is the best forum anywhere for art quilts and art quilters, because I’ve grateful to have access to so much terrific information about making the leap from hobbyist to professional, and because the auction gave me a manageable challenge for working outside my comfort zone.  I think this quilt auction is a terrific idea for a fundraiser for SAQA and I enjoy sharing the excitement leading up to the auction and keeping track of which pieces are selling and the totals reached as the auction proceeds.

Ferrin: Is this the first time you have donated to the SAQA Benefit Auction?

Rayner-Gould: Yes, this is the first time I’ve donated.

Ferrin: Did you use any experimental or new techniques in creating your auction donation?

Rayner-Gould:  The techniques I used–fused appliqué with zigzag edge finishes, and hand stitching to create texture in the background–aren’t new to me, but I haven’t used them much.  I’m much more comfortable piecing geometric abstracts than I am composing a somewhat representational appliqué quilt.

Ferrin: Was working 12 x 12 inches a challenge or was this a comfortable size for your work?

Rayner-Gould:  The 12 x 12 format was definitely a challenge!  I’ve never worked so small before, and I had to juggle things to make my whole composition fit within the size limitation.

Ferrin: Do you have a website where we can see more of your work?

Rayner-Gould:   I don’t have a website, but I do have a blog:  it’s  Creating a website specifically to promote my work is on the long-term list of things to accomplish as I shift to thinking of myself as a professional artist.

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