Lisa Flowers Ross and her SAQA Benefit Auction Purchase

Lisa Flowers Ross displays her 2011 SAQA Benefit Auction purchase in her home in Boise, Idaho

Lisa Flowers Ross displays her 2011 SAQA Benefit Auction purchase in her home in Boise, Idaho

Lisa Flowers Ross is a SAQA member and art collector.  She graciously agreed to discuss her auction purchase and her favorites form the current auction with Cheryl Dineen Ferrin.

Ross, who hand-dyes her own fabrics to create abstract pieces, has an art degree but didn’t start working with fabric until 2001.  You can see her work at

SAQA: Would you say you are an avid, occasional or novice collector of art quilts?

Ross:  I would call myself a collector of art.  Surprisingly, I only have a couple of art quilts that I have purchased.

SAQA:  What other kinds of art do you collect?
Ross:  I have art of various media in my collection.  Personally, I only like originals.  So, although I have lots of “prints”, they are hand-pulled, original prints in a small limited edition.  Most of them are in black and white. That is different from gicleé prints which are printed with archival inks and paper on a printer.  I want to be able to see the original color, texture and hand of the artist.  I also have a few pastel pieces and paintings, as well as some ceramics and a few carved wooden masks.
It is not to hard to have a collection of original works.  Most artists will have some smaller pieces that are affordable.
SAQA:  What first drew you to the auction piece you purchased?
Ross:  The art quilt I purchased from the SAQA 2011 auction is High Desert Splendor by Nancy Dobson.  I was very excited that I was able to purchase it. What attracted me to it was the colors, the abstract nature and the texture created by all over stitching.  Even though Dobson was probably thinking of a different high desert, we do live in a high desert here in Boise and it reminded me of a few places in Idaho.
Occasionally, someone will think it is a piece that I made because of the abstraction and geometric pieces.  Dobson’s piece is different from my work in that she uses different types of fabric within the piece to create texture, it is raw-edge appliqué and she uses lots of different pieces. My work tends to be more minimal with a cleaner line.  What are your favorite pieces from this years auction?
Ross:  What’s great about the auction is that there are so many different styles.  I apparently like Nancy Dobson’s style because I also like the piece she has this year.  I also like Gillian Moss’ Me, Me, Me for the hand stitching, subtle transparent nature of the different elements and the subject matter.  I always like Susan Shie’s work and her pieces go fast!  Catherine Kleeman’s piece, Round the Bend, keeps attracting my attention because of the complimentary colors, the energy of the lines and the texture created by what I assume is paint on the background.  Another piece I like is Sue Siefkin’s, Water World.  I like the contrast of the orange fish against the neutral colored rocks and how she created the illusion of water with a few transparent sheer overlays.
SAQA:  Tell me a little bit about why you are supporting SAQA and the Benefit Auction.
Ross:  I like supporting SAQA because I think it is an organization that is really promoting the art quilt as a fine art, as opposed to a fine craft.  With the exhibitions, exposure, website and resources provided, the organization has really helped influence how the art quilt is viewed and received in the world.

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