Elizabeth Fram–Auction Donation

Three Moons and an Isthmus

Three Moons and an Isthmus

Elizabeth Fram has been a member of SAQA since the mid-90’s.  Clairan Ferrono interviewed her recently about this year’s auction donation.

SAQA: I’m intrigued by the texture I can see in your piece.  Can you tell us about your techniques and materials?

EF: For the most part my materials are relatively simple: raw silk, dye, textile paint and thread.  My goal is to have as small an impact on the environment as possible, so I use Colorhue dyes which are very concentrated and leave practically no remaining dye to go down the drain. They mix like watercolors, and paired with transparent textile paints, allow me a wide range of flexibility with color.

I am very interested in pattern, both visually and texturally, through the pairing of image and surface. I have been exploring images created through either stitched, clamped or wrapped resist, that are then amplified in color and texture through intensive embroidery.  3 Moons and an Isthmus is unique in that I included a small amount of silver foil as a subtle nod to SAQA’s 25th anniversary.

SAQA: How does this piece fit in with your current work?

EF: Generally this piece is just another branch from the same tree as the work I’ve been making for the last couple of years. Although it doesn’t include any shadow forms, the techniques are basically the same.

SAQA: Do you usually work small or large?

EF: I guess that depends on how you define small or large. Compared to the work of many other SAQA members, I would say my work falls within the “medium range” of around 30” x 40”. But considering the amount of hand stitching that goes into each piece, in both preparing for the stitched resist as well as the intensive embroidery that happens after the dyeing and painting stages, they seem quite large to me.

SAQA: Why do you donate to the auction?

EF: I have been donating to the auction off and on through the years as my schedule has allowed. I will always be grateful for the huge impact SAQA has had in helping me to learn the ropes and develop my professional skills as an artist. As a result feel it is my privilege and responsibility to give back.





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