Fenella Davies’ Auction Donation

The Sunken Boat

The Sunken Boat

Recently SAQA interviewer Clairan Ferrono caught up with Fenella Davies and was able to ask her some questions about her SAQA Auction donation piece, The Sunken Boat.

SAQA:  Fenella, you know I’m a great admirer of your lovely and mysterious abstracts.  How does this piece fit in with your recent work?

Davies:  I have been making quilts based on Venice for about 10 years – mostly based on the effects of age and time on the buildings and walls, coupled with the reflections the waters of the canals make on the palazzos and architecture there. My current work has been moving more into collage – a lot of layering of fabrics, which have already been hand stitched, and then heavily painted over.  This piece came about from watching dredging of the lagoon in Venice, and the sudden slow appearance of something being revealed just under the water – the sunken boat…..and the question – was it an accident, or deliberate?

SAQA:  Tell me a little about your technique.

Davies: This piece is cotton, hand stitched, then heavily painted over, ripped to reveal ‘the boat,’ and stretched.

I have been in SAQA about 7 years and have been delighted to be in many of its exhibitions, as well as Martha Sielman’s Masters book. I have donated to SAQA because  SAQA has done, and is doing, a huge amount to bring art quilts to a wider audience in the world.


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