30th Anniversary – Celebrating SAQA Authors!

2019 is SAQA’s 30th Anniversary! To celebrate, we’re highlighting 10 SAQA authors!

  1. Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is an impressive SAQA author who has written over a dozen books. In 1991, Ringgold wrote Tar Beach which became the 1992 Caldecot Honor Book and won the Coretta Scott King Award for Illustration. Ringgold wrote Tar Beach for her story quilt of the same name. The book and quilt tell the story of Cassie Louise Lightfoot, an eight year old who is lifted by the stars to fly up over New York City.

  1. Ann Johnston

Ann Johnston has written several books, including The Quilter’s Book of Design, “a serious and accessible guide with over 350 examples all made of fabric. The text is oriented to developing the individual voice of the maker, and includes brief end-of-chapter workshops, starting-place techniques, and full-length projects.”


  1. Katie Pasquini Masopust and Brett Barker

Katie Pasquini Masopust and Brett Barker co-wrote Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter: Improve Any Quilt with Easy-to-Follow Lessons in 2005. Color and Composition contains 80 pages of exercises to improve quilter’s design concepts.

  1. Andra F. Stanton

Andra Stanton is an author and art quilter who creates three-dimensional fabric sculptures. Her book, Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists, was published in 2018. It includes art by 78 artists whose work “is comprised of a web of natural or artificial fibers – cotton, silk, wool, linen, polyester, or nylon, for example – which is then manipulated by the artist to form a representational or fabulous configuration that is meant to literally and conceptually stand on its own.”

  1. Maggie Vanderweit

Vanderweit’s book, Stone Threads, is a glossy coffee table book which showcases hundreds of images of Vanderweit’s art. The quilts depict scenes from her travels and memories of her family.

  1. Dale Rollerson

Dale Rollerson wrote Surface Tension Embellish and Stitch for the Creative Textile Artist. Rollerson’s book includes information on felting, creating cloth, knitting and embellishing among other things. Rollerson says, “The embellisher is an exciting tool for every creative textile artist. This is a book of ideas to help you extend your playing.”

  1. Michael James

Bets Ramsey reviewed Michael James: Art & Inspirations for the SAQA Journal when it was published in 1998. She said, “Michael James: Art & Inspirations is the affirmation of an artist’s work and life. It will nourish any artist who seeks identity and sense of worth in her, or his, own work.”

  1. Shruti Dandekar

Dandekar’s book, About Face is a step-by-step book which teaches artists how to create portrait quilts. The book answers the questions “I am not an artist, how can I make a portrait?” and “I cannot draw a straight line how can I make a portrait?” Dandekar creates masterful portrait quilts using the raw edge applique method.

  1. Kate Lenkowsky

Contemporary Quilt Art: An Introduction and Guide by Kate Lenkowsky was published in 2008. It traces the evolution of the art quilt in a well-researched text which profiles 19 quilt artists and takes the reader inside their studios. Following the artist profiles is “A Guide for Buyers and Collectors”, a section which is an important resource for beginner quilt collectors.

  1. Karey Bresenhan

Karey Bresenhan has written several books including 500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work which she co-authored in 2010 with Ray Hemachandra. 500 Art Quilts shows an international collection of magnificent contemporary art quilts and features the work of several SAQA members.

There isn’t enough room to include all of our great authors – find out about more books on our website page and Pinterest board! Have you written a book in the last 3-5 years? We’re gathering a reading list of SAQA authors, and we hope you’ll share your information with us. Please email social@saqa.com with your name, the title of your book, a short description of the subject, and a link to where your book can be purchased. We’ll add everyone to our SAQA Author Pinterest page.

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