2018 Benefit Auction – Week 2 Update

Section 2 is open for bidding

After just one week of bidding, the 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction has raised almost $28,000 for our exhibition and outreach programs! All the remaining Section 1 quilts are available for sale in the SAQA Store.

Section 2 quilts will be available for bidding this week, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week to a final price of $100. Prices change each day at 2pm EDT (GMT -4).

Here are just a few of the great pieces up for bidding.

Maryte Collard Cat Larrea Susan Shie Alicia Merrett

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Benefit Auction Stories

Below are some more stories from our auction donors. We hope you are enjoying reading more about their creative journeys! All these pieces are included in Section 2 and are available for bidding this week!


Lorri Glennon
Hobbsville, North Carolina
I love creating fabric art—art quilts and fabric postcards the most. In 2016, I bought some bags of Batik scrap strips, and I finally found my true style. I discovered that even these small pieces of vibrant color also had motion, and I have been working with them ever since. I started by creating landscapes often featuring a full moon. The trees for this piece are made with my favorite Batik which I have had for years but never cut into until now. It is a flannel Batik, and the colors are full of texture and intense.I want my pieces to invite you to take a walk in my world.

Hope Wilmarth
Spring, Texas
Moon Bitten was made after I witnessed the total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017 in Sisters, Oregon. The skies at Black Butte Ranch, where we were staying, were hazy for days, but the morning of the eclipse, it was clear as a bell. My astronomer cousin had brought special telescopes for viewing and had outfitted glasses for us with special protective lenses. Moon-Bitten is an image that I took with my phone, holding it up to the telescope as the moon made its way across the sun. I was only allowed to get quick peeks even with protective glasses as I have macular degeneration in both eyes, but I won’t soon forget the experience.

Christine Nielsen
Nova Scotia, Canada
I was thinking about transitions as I made this piece. I painted the grey and green ground on a day when my friend, Canadian quilt artist Susan Tilsley Manley, felt strong enough to have company in her studio. I created several yards of fabric with only a general idea of how it would be used. Susan passed away from brain cancer not long after that, and I miss her every day. In the years that have followed, I have been consumed by the project of designing and building a new home and moving to a new part of my province. Along the way, I have also been dealing with my own cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Heather Pregger 
Fort Worth, Texas
I have never been attracted to blue.  I adore the other side of the color wheel — reds, yellows, or oranges, even red violets.  I chose those warm colors over cool colors every time.  But 2017 was the year I learned to love the serene, beautiful color blue. I think I fell in love with blue during a vacation to the Bahamas.  We stayed on Andros Island, one of the sparsely populated islands that make up the Bahama chain.  It was beautiful and isolated.  And the range of blues outside our windows was astonishing.  Our house was on a small peninsula reaching into a deserted shallow bay.  We were surrounded by turquoise and cobalt waters and white sand. It was magical.

Deborah Boschert 
Lewisville, Texas
I often take inspiration from a quilt I have recently completed when I create my SAQA auction donation. Rather than start from scratch, I use a similar composition, fabric palette and imagery. This year, I based my auction quilt on my quilt Small Favors which is 20×20. It is an interesting challenge to shrink elements and spirit from a larger piece into a smaller piece, but I was thrilled that all the parts worked well together. I did have a small problem with the end of the dark branch getting lost on the dark batik, but that was solved by outlining the branch with a beautiful thick topstitching thread in a bold green color. I love the bowl as a personal symbol. I think about all the things that nourish and fill my life. Sometimes it’s the simple, regular, uncomplicated influences which bring the most pleasure, thus the title, Small Delights.

Marianne Williamson
Miami, Florida
The pink Thai silk in my auction piece was bought in Thailand in 1997. I took my daughter to Hong Kong and Thailand after she graduated from college. That fabric has moved with me 7 times and finally made its debut in my auction quilt for this year.


Thanks to all the artists that participated! Look for more stories next week.

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