SAQA Seminar 2018

SAQA Seminar, an annual online event organized by the SAQA Education Committee, is one of the many perks of being a SAQA member. Registration is still open until the end of October!

What is SAQA Seminar?

SAQA Seminar is a two month long virtual educational symposium that is available at no cost to SAQA members. Now in it’s third year, SAQA Seminar kicks off in early September and continues to the beginning of November.

The theme for this year’s seminar is Visual Design. Every two weeks a new topic is introduced and discussed relating to Visual Design. By the end of the Seminar we will have discussed Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Design Processes, and Evaluation of Design.

All the resources for the Seminar are online and you can view them on your own schedule at your own pace.

SAQA Seminar Unit 1

The first unit of SAQA Seminar 2018 focused on Elements of Design and featured a Q&A with artist Judy Hooworth.

Mothers and Daughters 6 by Judy Hooworth

The unit also included a video interview with artist Pat Pauly.

Nine to Five by Pat Pauly


Ongoing Features of SAQA Seminar

  • A weekly email reminder that includes new content, articles, resources, and other interesting links.
  • An interactive private Facebook group where members can connect with other participants and share their ideas and artwork.
  • Online virtual discussions during the weekly Live Chats.
  • Video conversations with leading experts in the ever expanding art quilt world.

This incredible content is FREE for all of our members.  Registration is open until the end of October, but why wait when the fun is happening now.

Just sign up here! 

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