SAQA Local Connection In Colorado

Some of SAQA’s regions are quite large, and it can be difficult to schedule meetings to accommodate the entire region. One approach is to have a smaller local meeting which SAQA calls a Local Connection. Individual Local Connections might call them themselves by an assortment of names including pods or circle.

These meetings can have a lot of structure or not. Here is a great example.

On Saturday morning June 16, a group of SAQA members from the northern Denver Metro area met for the first time with the goal of creating a regional Local Connections group to share art and information.

Anne Severn and Mary Louise Gerek SAQA Co-Reps for the CO/UT/WY region organized the event with with the hope that more such meetings will begin to happen in their region. 

Carol R. Eaton hosted the gathering at her home and studio in Westminster, CO.  All participants truly enjoyed getting to see Eaton’s wet studio.

Dorothy Raymond , Margarete Steinhauer, Susan Serreze, Marcie Emily, Karen Stahlgren, Andra Stanton , Anne Severn, and Mary Louise Gerek attended the meeting. 

After the formal part of the meeting was over, Carol invited members to dip some fabric in her indigo vat. 

It was the first indigo experience for many of the participants. Seeing the fabric turn from green to blue as the indigo oxidized was really fun for everyone involved. Everyone appreciated Carol’s generosity and her willingness to share information and materials.

According to Gerek, “We shared our work, got to know each other, and decided that we all need regular ‘play days.’  We proceeded to schedule our next one!” 

Details will be announced in the next CO/UT/WY Newsletter. 

Interested in meeting with other SAQA members in your region? It’s easy to make a Local Connection – Simply contact your Regional Rep  today to find out more about this program. No matter who you are or where you are, you’re always connected with SAQA.

Want to learn more about how the Virginia/North Carolina Region created their pod system? Here is the link to that story


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