Things That Matter @ the Visions Art Museum

The Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California selected 15 pieces for the debut exhibition of  Things That Matter by the Coalition of Artists with Purpose.

The Coalition of Artists with Purpose was founded by SAQA members Sandra Poteet and Lin Schiffner .

The rest of the members of the group are:

Brooke Atherton
Alice Beasley
Pamela Blotner
Dawn Williams Boyd
Susan Else
Cynthia D. Friedman
Sandra Lauterbach
Kathy Nida
Lori Lupe Pelish
Judith Plotner
Martha Ressler
Bonnie Smith
Elena Stokes 

The group’s mission is to create exhibitions of work that address the issues of our times.

The VAM opening was well attended by artists and museum visitors. 

SAQA members of the group who attended the opening are shown here. From left to right—Kathy Nida, Sandra Poteet, Martha Ressler, Bonnie Smith, Sandra Lauterbach,  and Lin Schiffner.

Works include “Water is Life” by Judith Plotner.

Cindy Friedman’s piece “Layovers” explores global public health and how air travel has contributed to the risk of epidemics.  It underlines the need for vaccines, education, and a public health system. 

Sandra Lauterbach has this to say about her piece. “Crystal Ball of History?” reflects my recognition of the importance of history. As Winston Churchill said, paraphrasing the words of George Santayana:“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

“Horizon XII – Peace and Quiet” by Elena Stokes. Elena has also written about her piece for this show on her blog

Martha Ressler’s piece “Celebrating the Destruction of Apartheid” explores South Africa and inequality from a variety of angles. 

Here is Martha discussing her work during the opening.

Alice Beasley’s “From Russia with Love” combines art, humor, and political commentary in a way that perhaps only fiber can do. 

The complete show of Things That Matter will debut at the Chandler Art Center in Chandler, Arizona next fall.

The Visions exhibition of Things that Matter will run until July 8, 2018.

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