Giny Dixon shares her JAM story

When Giny Dixon started quilting, she knew she wanted to be in SAQA. She joined in 2010, and then Giny provided a few auction pieces and entered shows. Eventually, she overhead friends talking about applying for JAM membership, and Giny decided she would as well.

A JAM is a juried artist member of SAQA who has successfully presented a portfolio of professional quality images and documents to the JAM Review Panel.

Giny developed a website and proceeded to document a cohesive body of work. She found mentorship with Sharon Bass and got help as she assembled her portfolio. Even though the committee rejected her portfolio the first time, they offered constructive feedback on her submission to help her continue to grow through producing larger pieces to add to her body of work. The second submission was accepted.

When asked why she decided to apply, Giny said, “Since I have had no formal art education, becoming a JAM was important to me as personal validation and recognition as an artist.”

JAM applications received on or before March 1 are eligible for inclusion in 2018 issues of Art Quilt Quarterly.

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