SAQA Happenings at Quilt Festival!

Are you going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, this year? SAQA has several events scheduled, and we’d love to see you there!


See the SAQA booth!

Be sure to come visit us at the SAQA booth – we love to see our members! Plus you can pick up your free SAQA member ribbon. We will also have some great items for sale, including Benefit Auction quilts. You’ll find us on Main Street, in front of our exhibitions: Textile Posters and Masterworks:Abstract and Geometric.


Two NEW exhibitions on display! 

Two new SAQA exhibitions – Textile Posters and Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric are debuting at Quilt Festival this yearBoth will offer Guide by Cell audio statements from the artists – ask for assistance at the booth.

Masterworks: Abstract & GeometricTextile Posters






Gallery Walks! 

Friday, November 3, 2017
11:00 AM  Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric – Martha Sielman
1:00 PM  Textile Posters – Jeanne Marklin

Saturday, November 4, 2017
11:00 AM  Textile Posters – Jayne Gaskins
3:00 PM  Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric – Martha Sielman

Sunday, November 5, 2017
1:00 PM Textile Posters – Deborah Boschert

For a more gallery walks, see the Quilt Festival Gallery Talk Schedule.



Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9-10am
Martha Sielman, SAQA Executive Director, will be giving a lecture titled Top 10 Trends in Art Quilts.


SAQA Reception 

You are also invited to come and celebrate with us at the SAQA Reception, a great opportunity for SAQA members and art quilt enthusiasts from across the globe to meet with each other. You do not need to be a member to attend. Tickets are $20 each and can be pre-purchased online until October 29 (after that, tickets are available at the booth).

The program will include opening remarks by SAQA President Lisa Ellis and a presentation on the Art Quilt Retrospective project by Dr. Sandra Sider.

SAQA reception at Houston International Quilt Festival Friday night


SAQA Members will be exhibiting their work!*

Along with the SAQA sponsored exhibitions, SAQA members will be sharing their works in the following exhibitions:

Curated by Deda Maldonado
This exhibit showcases works created by members of the Brazilian SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). Artists were inspired by the unique feelings and ideas that the theme of “beaches” brings to their lives.

Made In New Mexico: Structural Diversity
Curated by Betty Busby
Members of the New Mexico region of the Studio Art Quilt Associates interpret the theme of “structures.” The resulting quilts offer many points of view, from ancient and modern human architecture to animal constructions, to anatomical and mineral formations.

Curated by Susanne M. Jones
You studied history, now learn HERstory. Quilts in this exhibit celebrate the amazing things that women have accomplished since receiving the right to vote. Artists from eight countries created tributes to both well-known women and those who worked behind the scenes.

A Matter of Time: exploring the fourth dimension in cloth
Curated by Brenda Gael Smith
This group of textile artworks explores the fourth dimension (time) in cloth. Time is at once rigid and fluid, fleeting and interminable, tangible but elusive. And abundant, yet scarce. How time is observed, manifested, and experienced is the theme at the heart of this exhibition.

Rising Stars: Sarah Ann Smith and Karlyn Bue Lohrenz
The debut of an ongoing exhibit that will feature notable artists whose work has developed and shown growth over time. Get introduced (or re-introduced) to the works of Smith and Lohrenz.

Nine Voices from One
Curated by Jane Dunnewold
This exhibition features works by graduates of The Art Cloth Mastery Program and showcases some of the finest works created by surface design artists today. It will also educate viewers who are unfamiliar with the field of surface design.

Taiwan Art Quilt Society: Nature Art Quilts
Curated by Lin Hsin-Chen
This collaborative collection from the Taiwan Art Quilt Society features the natural environment and ecosystem in Taiwan and channels Mother Nature through fibers. This exhibit invites artists and viewers worldwide to contribute to the environment and to explore Taiwanese life and culture.

Viewpoints 9: word
Curated by Martha Wolfe
This fiber art group shares inspirations and works of members online. What emerges is a narrative with each artist’s perspective and a glimpse of their creative process. This exhibit is an intimate translation of feelings and fascinations transcending language, distance, and culture.

Personal Iconography: Graffiti on Cloth
Presented by Dinner at Eight Artists
Co-curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison
An exhibit representing the artists’ interpretation of “Graffiti on Cloth.” From the organizers: “An artistic expression based on personal style. An underlying social message. A story that is told through lines, shapes and imagery. A graphic landscape that conveys a story. A mark, an object, an idea.”

Curated by Barbara Hollinger
The ten members of Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends created this unique installation featuring the four elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—and the four seasons. Each of the pieces rotates, and the works reflect each artist’s own unique style and individuality.

Breaking the Surface!
Breaking the Surface! is a special exhibition of Wen Redmond’s work. Wen will also be teaching workshops and signing her new book in Booth 822, The Craftsman’s Touch-Books.

*If you have a quilt in any of the special exhibits or the IQA Judged Show at Quilt Festival in Houston, the Quilt Alliance wants to record your story as part of their Go Tell It At the Quilt Show! video series.

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