#TrunkShowTuesday for March 28, 2017

The day you’ve been awaiting has arrived: #TrunkShowTuesday! Make sure to subscribe to our blog or YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of these great art quilts!

This week, view art quilts by Leslie Cohen; Cathy Drummond; Debra Goley; Loree Jackson; Hildegard Mueller; Deborah Ross; Carole Staples; and Martha Wolfe.

We are now accepting reservations to host a trunk. Contact exhibitions@saqa.com for more details.

The Trunk Show will debut soon at the joint SAQA – International Quilt Study Center & Museum Conference. You’ll want to see this – and more – artwork up close and personal!


  1. 8 pieces is that all the entries ?

    • Social Media Manager

      There are over 460 art quilts in the Trunk Show. We’re sharing them 8 at a time each week so the individual pieces get more of a chance to stand out.

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