SAQA Featured Artist: Lenore Crawford

Lenore Crawford

Lenore Crawford

Lenore Crawford – Midland, Michigan, USA

Artist Statement

After working in a hospital lab and then chemical research for many years, I wanted to pursue my passion for art as a full-time endeavor. I have worked in many different media including pen and ink, acrylics, wood, and others and became intrigued with fabric as a medium. Over the years my art quilting techniques have developed and grown.

Now using fabric, along with fabric painting and thread painting on fused fabrics, has allowed me to interpret my love of France, its architecture, and flower gardens in a sort of “fabric painting.” I am able to create landscapes with dramatic color, texture, and warmth that was not possible simply with paint.

My technique also allows me to add fine detail, depth through light and shadow, and texture to my fiber art. The finished art quilts are my interpretation of places to escape to and dream about.


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SAQA: When did you begin making art with fabric? Do you work in other media as well?

Emma in the Looking Glass © Lenore Crawford

Emma in the Looking Glass © Lenore Crawford

CRAWFORD: I started creating fabric art in about 1995. I had previously used many different media including pen and ink, acrylic paint, and driftwood.

SAQA: What inspires you?

CRAWFORD: I’m inspired by what I see around me, architecture, flowers and gardens, people in a more realistic way. There is so much beauty around us that I am always trying to capture it.

SAQA: Have any artists or art movements influenced your work?

CRAWFORD: I was at first inspired by Dierdre Amsden who used fabric squares and blended them to create her colorwash style. I used the squares to create impressionistic scenes for many years. Then I was inspired by Esterita Austin and Susan Carlson to try fusing and go toward the more realistic side with the fabric.

SAQA: What techniques and materials do you use?

Monet's Lily Pond 2 © Lenore Crawford

Monet’s Lily Pond 2 © Lenore Crawford

CRAWFORD: I use a raw edged fusing technique now for the majority of my work. I love the flexibility of it and the ability to create exactly what I want.

SAQA: Where do you create?

CRAWFORD: I work in my studio at home in Midland, Michigan. It’s in our remodeled attic and is a very large space. It’s great to just go upstairs anytime I want to work.

SAQA: How do you reconcile the art-making and business sides of your creative life?

CRAWFORD: I spend the morning usually on my computer doing the business part. I do the email and updating my website, getting orders ready to send out, accounting things that need to be done, and paying bills, etc. Then in the afternoon I work on creating my art pieces. I work into the evening if nothing else is going on. I’m not really a morning person so I love to work later in the day on my projects when I feel more energized and creative.

SAQA: What are you working on now? What’s next?

Port of Cassis II © Lenore Crawford

Port of Cassis II © Lenore Crawford

CRAWFORD: Right now I actually have writer’s block. I am trying to decide what project I will work on next. I have a few ideas but have not been totally inspired by any of them. I need to just decide and then get working! I have been traveling and teaching a lot lately and have been inspired by my students. I just want to get going on my own project!

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