Sandy Snowdon’s Ramshackle Hillage

Sandy-Snowden-BA15TClairan Ferrono interviewed Sandy Snowdon about her SAQA auction donation piece, Ramshackle Hillage:

Snowdon: During the last two years I have been developing my Ramshackle series. The first one started with a Benefit Auction piece. The sort of happening that feels like the work falls out of the sky and you can’t make it fast enough! But in reality was a combining of several different things which were quite unrelated, but what I learned from them came together like it was meant to be.

Since then, I have used the Ramshackled Houses to explore ideas of Neighborhood and Community. This usually involves Location or Proximity, but sometimes I play with background colors to explore Mood. For the 2015 Benefit Auction piece, I set Ramshackle houses on a print of blue suns to give a different feel or mood to the village scattered over the hills.

This year, a larger work from this series, Ramshackle Villages, was accepted into the  6th European Quilt Triennial. In that piece, I combined ideas I had explored in the smaller work like the Benefit Auction pieces.

The process for the work is fairly simple. I like a free and almost childish atmosphere to the houses and their ‘accessories’, so I try to keep the look of a quickly drawn sketch. And, basically, I do just that…quickly draw the sketch directly on the fabric which has been fused. Then I get on with the cutting, which I suppose is the most fiddly and most time consuming bit. But, oh well, I enjoy the radio! I use Misty Fuse to adhere my layers of quilting cotton which are placed over the wadding and backing before sketching with the machine around the pieces to hold everything together.

The Ramshackle series is quite different than most of my work; which is either highly decorative or very specific in its message. So, it is interesting for me to be able to speak deeper things whilst under the cover of a naïve look.

Sandy Snowden
Bracknell, England, UK

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