Lorna Morck’s Magic


SAQA writer Clarian Ferrono had another chance to interview an artist who donated a piece to this year’s Benefit Auction:

Morck: The Magic of Crows was one of those serendipitous happenings that I especially enjoy when working creatively.  I belong to Fibervision, a small fiber art group.  At a meeting last fall, I told the group how my small country town celebrated Halloween and the fall harvest with blackbird images everywhere — in the local art gallery, along the streets, chalked on the sidewalks, and painted on buildings.  A Fibervision member suggested that members bring a 12” square “‘blackbird” art piece to the next meeting.  We surprised ourselves with an almost 100% response from our very independent, often charmingly contrary group.

Crows fascinate me, so I started by making a trio of original stamps and linoleum block carvings.  The hand dyed background was a leftover scrap on which I, purely by happenstance, quickly tested one of the new stamps.  That same fabric scrap had previously been used to test out another “stamp” — actually a commercial stencil of trees.  I stamped with it instead of stenciling through it, hence the lighter, more ethereal look.  Pure magic!  The crow was walking through a misty, imaginary forest.  With the addition of a few fabric and stitched tree trunks, this piece made itself.  I mounted the work on painted canvas to finish.  It’s always a pleasure to get myself out of the way and let the art appear!

Lorna Morck
Los Alamos, California, USA

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