Donna Deaver and Visual Drama

Donna-Deaver-BA15TDonna Deaver shared her thoughts on her auction donation piece with Clairan Ferrono:

Deaver: Because of my deep love of the sea, I began a new series in early 2014 defined as the edge of the ocean. ‘Surf Dance’ is a variation of another larger work and the first that used the rocky shoreline of Maine, rather than sandy beach at ocean’s edge. I love standing on the rocks and immersing myself in the rhythm of the water washing up on the rocks, and then receding. I can do this for hours.

I am constantly recording what I see with my camera, as well as with pen, ink and watercolor. I carry a sketchbook with me at all times as I find it is the perfect way to record often forgotten details, as well as find the extraordinary in the mundane. For my SAQA Auction piece, I used photographs and drawings from a hiking trip to Acadia National Park as a starting point, and then pulled together the important elements when placing fabrics for the final design. I cut many small pieces from my own hand-dyed and painted fabrics, creating a collage. My pieces are always fused, and then each small piece stitched down with a clear monofilament thread to finish each edge and prevent fraying. I then add the quilting stitches, which gives a rich texture to the artwork.

My home, family and studio are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where there is constant visual drama from the four seasons, the mountains and lakes.

Donna Deaver
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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