Benefit Auction Dream Collections

What a wonderful event the Benefit Auction is! We have the opportunity to look at and consider purchasing, hundreds of artworks created by artists at varying levels of their careers. By now many of you have heard about the “Dream Collections” created by SAQA members from the Auction Donations.

A Dream Collection is a set of 6 artworks, from the current auction, that someone has identified as a meaningful selection. Collections are based on color, theme, techniques used, anything really. Or the collection could simply be based on that elusive emotional response generated when someone responds to a work of art.

Most people find it a challenge to narrow their Dream Collection to only 6 works of art, but by asking for this narrowing of focus, we really see what appeals to each specific individual.

“Groves of Trees”  curated by Trina Stephenson gives us a look at just a few interpretations of natures magnificence.

Ellis, Lisa
Endo, Noriko
Oppenheim-Pietrzak, Gale

Havlan, Denise
Heller, Georgia
Marklin, Jeanne

In her collection”Quirky”,  Karol Kusmaul shows us the beauty she finds in texture, color and in fun subjects.

Hay, Jim
Kusmaul, Karol
Ritter, Kim

Robbins, Susan
Vaca-Lambert, Mary Ann
Welsch, Lynn

Check out the Dream Collections to see what others have found most intriguing,  make your own dream collection or share the Dream Collection link with the world and show others how great art quilts really are!

The SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction begins Sept. 18th at 2 p.m. at See all the auction art works here.


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