Lynn Koolish’s Theory

Lynn-Koolish-BA15Recently Lynn Koolish shared her artistic process with Clairan Ferrono:

Koolish: String Theory was made with acrylic paint on fabric. I was experimenting with the lines and shapes that could be made using paint in a squeeze bottle. I’m fascinated by the quality of the lines and the energy produced by the variety of dots and splotches (some intentional, some not). The straight line quilting scribbles were also an experiment designed to contrast and enhance the curves of the circle.

I made a number of pieces that started with a blank, white piece of fabric and built abstract imagery using layers of paint and stitching. I didn’t always have an idea or theme in mind, but as I tried different painting techniques (squeeze bottles, palette knife, translucent layers, etc.), I often let the paint lead the way to see where it would end up.

By experimenting with the different painting techniques, I now have another set of tools that I can pull out and apply as needed no matter what materials or techniques I am using.

Lynn Koolish
Berkeley, California, USA

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