New Joan Schulze Exhibition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Opening at the Goodman 2 Art Center on Potrero Hill is Disappearing Conversations, a survey exhibition of the work of Joan Schulze (1971 – present) and Dan Abramson (1961-2012), highlighting their work in collage and mixed media. Each artist’s career has spanned five decades.

DisappearingConvJoan Schulze has gained international prominence in the fiber arts as a studio artist, teacher, lecturer and juror. Most admired and written about are her restless, often experimental quilts. Her other forms of expression include collage and artist’s books. Born in Chicago in 1936, she taught elementary school and was a full-time mother of four before declaring herself an artist in 1970. In 1995, she became one of the original artists in residence at the Goodman 2 Art Center.

Utilizing images from her own photographs and mixed media, Joan produces complicated collages on paper and fabric, the works of a mature artist with a playful and creative output. Schulze’s current studio work is her most adventurous to date and will be featured in this exhibition.

Dan Abramson (1932-2012) was self-trained, creating outside any one particular school or medium on canvas, paper, assemblage, gallery boxes, functional art and collage. In his first period, Dan was a Mad Man by day, creating iconic 1960s ads, and a prolific painter at night. His first solo show was in New York in 1961, featuring brash abstract expressionist canvases and, later on, pop realism. In 1967, the NY State Council on the Arts included Abramson’s work in an exhibition that featured Albers, Dine, Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg and Warhol. Yet, at that point of recognition the young artist ceased to publicly exhibit his work. He didn’t re-emerge as a visual artist until the late 1980s in Los Angeles.

Disappearing Conversations marks the first West Coast retrospective of his work, featuring works on canvases from the 1960s, his iconic gallery boxes informed by Joseph Cornell, lost paper collages and assemblage throughout his career.

This exhibition is open every weekend Noon – Five until July 26th. Disappearing Conversations is at Goodman 2 Art Center on Potrero Hill, 1695 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94107, Lecture 7pm, Thursday, June 25, 2015, Tickets $20

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