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Featured Artist - September 2010 Jane Willoughby Scott

As you travel across the stark desert-like southern Alberta prairie landscape, things come into view and then disappear again through mirage-like hot atmospheric conditions.  This imprinted landscape from childhood helped me develop a keen interest in the process of seeing objects in space and over a period of time. Layered color, line and materials are what I use to project an illusion of movement and passage of time in abstract and semi-abstract images.  Use of light and dark to create entry and exit pathways within compositions guides my working process. I also use fragmentation and distortion of shapes and lines to create strong psychological narrative. Nancy Crow, Dorothy Caldwell, Sue Benner and Susan Carlson have influenced my textile works. 

I use a variety of media, including paint, stitched textiles and mixed media drawing and am continually trying to merge the images I create using traditional art media with the images I create using stitched textiles.  More recent textile works combine surface painting techniques with traditional quilt-making techniques and my mixed media paintings and drawings are strongly influenced by two decades of working with quilted textiles.

Night Drawing #9
50" x 33"
43" x 31"
Solitude Before Eight
22" x 30"