How the Benefit Auction Works

The 2017 Benefit Auction is NOW over!

Submissions for the 2018 Benefit Auction will open in late February with a final deadline of June 1, 2018.

The 2017 Benefit Auction takes place from September 15 through October 8. The 12" x 12" Auction Quilts have been divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.

At the end of each bidding period, remaining quilts will be available for purchase in the SAQA store. Unsold quilts will also be sent to Houston for the International Quilt Market and Festival (early November).



SAQA 2017 Benefit Online Auction Pricing
prices change at 2 pm edt

  $750 $550 $350 $250 $150 $100
Section 1 Sept 18
Sept 19 Sept 20 Sept 21 Sept 22 Sept 23
Section 2 Sept 25 Sept 26 Sept 27
Sept 28
Sept 29 Sept 30
Section 3 Oct 2
Oct 3
Oct 4
Oct 5
Oct 6
Oct 7

* All quilts will be available for a buy it now purchase of $1000 for the duration of the auction (even if their section isn't open for bidding). Unsold quilts will be sold in Houston (November) and in the SAQA Store (through December 28). 

Additional Notes:

NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED BETWEEN 1:45pm EDT and 2:00pm EDT. Any Bids placed during this time period will be ignored. 

The shipping and handling fee will be a flat rate for up to seven pieces at a time on any given date. If you want to bid on more than seven pieces or you want to bid on more than one date, you will be charged shipping and handling each time.

Shipping and handling within the United States -- $15; International shipping and handling -- $30. Shipping will be via USPS Priority, insured mail.

Purchase will be by credit card only. The bid form will be time-stamped and sequentially numbered - if more than one person submits a purchase form at the same time, the lowest numbered form will be the accepted buyer.

SOLD notices will be posted as quickly as possible. The donor artists will be informed who purchased their artwork after the auction is complete.

Pieces not reaching the reserve price of $100 will be sold online in the SAQA Store through December AND available for in-person purchase at the SAQA booth in Houston (International Quilt Festival). 

All unsold quilts will either be returned to the artist or to a participant in the Art Swap program.