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SAQA Monthly Update - February 2016

I just returned from a lovely four-day vacation spent making art.  It was wonderful to just focus on fabric and thread, a nice change of pace from my usual round of meetings and budget review.

I spent my time making a piece for the Spotlight Auction (see the final call for donations below).  I hope that you’ve already registered to come to the conference in Philadelphia -- be sure to look for “Elephant Party”!  

SAQA does so much to support the art quilt movement through our traveling exhibitions (16 this year!), educational opportunities like the Journal and the webinars, and creating great ways to meet other art quilters like at our conferences.  It’s always rewarding for me to be able to give something back through my donations to the auctions.  

Last year, the Spotlight and Benefit auctions raised a total of almost $80,000 -- a significant contribution towards funding SAQA’s programs and exhibitions.  I hope that you’ll join me in creating and donating your art to help support all that SAQA does for our art quilt community.  (Now I just need another vacation to finish my Benefit Auction donation...)

Have you completed our museum survey yet?

If you have a quilt in a museum collection, we want to hear from you! SAQA is documenting which U.S. museums currently have art quilts in their collections.

Dr. Sandra Sider, curator of the Texas Quilt Museum, will be including the results from this survey in a lecture that she is presenting in April for the 30th anniversary of the Contemporary Quilt Art Association conference in Tacoma, Washington.  She will also write an article including the results for possible publication in either SAQA’s Art Quilt Collector or the SAQA Journal.

Take the Survey Now »


Upcoming Deadlines

Spotlight Auction - February 6

Turmoil - February 29

Juried Artist Membership Applications - March 1

SAQA Journal Gallery (Adventure) - April 1

A full list of SAQA Calls for Entry can be found on our website


New this Month

Each month, SAQA is pleased to highlight some of our members as Featured Artists and Regional Representatives.

Featured Artist
Margaret Anderson of Sedona, Arizona creates contemporary wall hangings which include acrylic paint on silk and cotton, collage and hand stitching. Her work is inspired by abstract shapes and colors found through a life-long study of nature.
Meet Your Representative Meet Your Representative
Christine Seager is a Regional Rep for our Europe/Middle East region. She dyes, prints and discharges her own fabric, inspired by a number of themes, including nature and geometric shapes as well as her own mark making. 
Meet your Rep Meet Your Representative
Pamela Hamilton is a Regional Rep for Arizona. Her latest experimental phase has been to incorporate her love of sewing with a love of painting. She enjoys doing non-objective art and seeing the reaction of the viewer as they try to discover something to which they can relate.

Auction News

Spotlight Auction submission by Bodil Gardner

Spotlight Auction - Final Call for Entries!

February 6 is the deadline to submit your Spotlight Auction entry online. We are looking for artwork from ALL SAQA members for the 2016 Spotlight Auction. These 6" x 8" pieces will be sold through a silent auction at the Conference Banquet. All proceeds benefit SAQA's exhibition programs.   

Benefit Auction 

We will start accepting 12" x 12" donations for the 2016 Benefit Auction in mid-February. Our early bird deadline is April 1 (Final deadline: June 1).

How the Benefit Auction Works »

How to Donate a Quilt to the Auction »

Key Changes for 2016:

  • ALL Benefit Auction quilts will be available for $1,000 for the duration of the auction (in addition to Diamond Day which starts on September 16).
  • There will be NO separate section for Houston - all quilts will be divided into 3 bidding sections and available for online bidding. 
  • Quilts that remain after the auction ends will be available for purchase in the SAQA Store and at the SAQA booth at the International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston (early November). 


2016 SAQA Conference News

Single Day Options now available 

We are now offering a limited number of single day options to the Inspire-Connect-Engage Conference (you CAN still register for the full conference as well).

Single Day options
$200 - Friday only (includes Spotlight Auction and Banquet)
$200 - Saturday only (includes Art Quilt Elements trip)

View the Conference Schedule for more details.

Don't miss this!

Keynote Speaker (Saturday)
Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi is among the most influential African American quilt historians and quilt artists of the twenty-first century. A former SAQA board member, she has written many books on African American-made quilts and is an authority in the field. Her keynote speech When Being a Good Artist is Not Enough will deal with how to avoid stumbling blocks to a successful career as an artist from a curator's perspective.

PechaKucha (Friday)
We have such a great line-up of PechaKucha sessions being presented at the conference! PechaKucha is a fast-paced informative presentation where each speaker creates a presentation of 20 slides and then speaks about each slide for 20 seconds. If you have something to share, we’d love to hear your PechaKucha presentation too - spots are still available!


A Walk in the Woods
Last October, Jill Kerttula had the privilege of living and working within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as an artist in residence. This presentation will be a look at both the experience itself, and the resulting photography and art quilts that resulted from her stay

A Visual "Inspiration Tour" across Fiber Mediums
Marcia Young, editor of Fiber Art Now, will provide a visual feast of what's happening in the fiber world, across the mediums. Get a glimpse into the latest work of weaving, felting, needle work, basketry, and more.  
So You Want To Make An Instructional DVD? Or Adventures In Looking At Yourself ALOT!
From the concept through preparation, filming to copying, shipping and marketing the journey of making an instructional DVD - Nysha Oren Nelson will cover all this and more!



Membership Drive

Refer a Friend -  and you get benefits too!
YOU are a valued member of SAQA. We love hearing your feedback, seeing your art and following your creative process. We're here to help you along. Bet you have friends who would love SAQA as much as you do.

Let them see how our community of artists, our Journal, website, webinars and other resources can help get them to the next level. And when they join SAQA, both of you will get a 10% discount off a SAQA membership!

Thank you to the following members who recently referred someone to SAQA!

Barbara Yates Beasley, Sonja Campbell, Julia Graber, Judy Ireland, Misik Kim, Mirka Knaster, Christine Seager, Cyndi Souder, Jen St. Martin, Lisa Walton, and Martha Wolfe.


New Online Gallery - Gathering Leaves

Barbara Schneider - Forest Floor, var. 2

Cheryl Christian is our guest curator for this month's online gallery - Gathering Leaves. She comments: 

There is something about leaves that draws artists to capture them in paint and fabric. Perhaps it's the riot of color on an autumn day in New England. Line that expresses dynamism and flow. Varying textures to be explored and savored. Shapes that intrigue and resonate. Leaves work powerful magic; they can lead us into the forest, encourage us to look up in wonder, or provide the backdrop for a chair that invites us to sit awhile and contemplate their fleeting beauty and the fragility of life.

Selected Artists: 
Frieda Anderson, Sharon Bass, Pat Bishop, Maryline Collioud-Robert, Nancy Cook, Margie Davidson, Jacque Davis, Pat Durbin, Betty Ford, Jo-Ann Golenia, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Terry Kramzar Hsin-Chen Lin Ellen Lindner, Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix, Barbara Schneider, and Nancy Whittington

View More Online Galleries »

Interested in being a guest curator for our online galleries?
Contact for more information.

SAQA Calls for Entry

The following Calls for Entry are open to all SAQA Members. View all Calls for Entry »

TurmoilMore Info ** now open
This exhibition will feature work that depicts chaos, discord, imbalance and tumult.  Artists are requested to explore the meaning of turmoil in their own lives. Both abstract and representational styles of work are being sought.


Layered Voices More Info
Artwork may be two-dimensional or three, viewed from one side, two sides, or any angle. The layering of the media may be literal, inferred, or even digital. Realistic, representational, and abstract work will be considered. 

H2Oh!More Info
Water - it’s everywhere!  This exhibition encourages the artist to interpret one of the most vital, desired, powerful, sacred, and enjoyed resources on earth in their own unique, individual style, whether abstract, graphic, or representational


Textile Posters: Communication & CommentaryMore Info

NEW! Some posters grab the viewer’s attention in an attempt to be heard above the incessant demands of other media. Other posters are more subtle in their approach, forcing the viewer to study the components in detail, intending to open a reflective dialogue. The artistic possibilities are infinite, allowing for both representational and abstract submissions.

Exhibition News

Want to know all the fun facts about where SAQA exhibitions will be in 2016? Then check out this great infographic. There are a total of 16 exhibits going to 33 venues (including 10 museums!). Artwork from our members will travel ALL over the world - 4 continents and 9 countries, including first time visits to Australia, Canada, Taiwan and Germany!

Spread the Word!

Do you make wearable art or sculptural pieces? 3-D and freestanding works are being encouraged for the Layers of Meaning and H2Oh! exhibitions. Artwork must still meet the SAQA definition of an art quilt: The art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.


Coming to a Venue Near You

Here are just some of the upcoming SAQA exhibitions on display around the world. To view a complete list, visit our Event listing, which can be filtered by region.

Eastern United States

Text Messages - Morris Museum
Morristown, New Jersey  •  December 10, 2015 - April 10, 2016

Stories of Migration -  The Textile Museum
Washington. DC  •  April 19, 2016 -  September 6, 2016

People and Portraits -  AQS QuiltWeek
Daytona Beach, Florida  •  February 24, 2016 -  February 27, 2016

Celebrating Silver - Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Lakeland, Florida  •  March 17, 2016 -  March 19, 2016

SAQA Regional - Piecing Together a Changing Planet (FL)
New York, NewYork  •  March 1, 2016 -  May 7, 2016

SAQA Regional - Local Color: CT Stories (CT)
Guilford, CT  •  February 5, 2016 -  February 21, 2016


Central United States

Wild Fabrications -  Texas Quilt Museum
La Grange, Texas  •  January 7, 2016 -  March 27, 2016

Balancing Act -  International Quilt Festival
Chicago, Illinois  •  April 7, 2016 -  April 9, 2016

Wild Fabrications -  International Quilt Festival
Chicago, Illinois  •  April 7, 2016 -  April 9, 2016

Radical Elements - International Museum of Art and Science
McAllen, Texas  •  September 24, 2016 -  January 8, 2017

SAQA Regional - Deeply Rooted (Midwest states)
Kenosha, Wisconsin  •  January 31, 2016 -  March 20, 2016

SAQA Regional - Architexture (Nebraska)
Hastings, Nebraska   •  January 10, 2016 -  November 30, 2016


Mountain United States

People and Portraits -  AQS QuiltWeek
Phoenix, Arizona  •  February 11, 2016 -  February 14, 2016

SAQA Regional - Oasis (SoCal/SoNev)
Sandy, Utah  •  May 7, 2016 -  May 9, 2016

Pacific United States

Earth Stories - San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
San Jose, California  •  November 06, 2015 -  February 28, 2016

SAQA Regional - Art Cloth North II (AK)
Anchorage, Alaska  •  February 5, 2016 -  March 1, 2016


SAQA Regional - Structures (Atlantic Canada)
Saint John, New Brunswick  •   January 15 - March 4, 2016

My Corner of the World - Stratford Perth Museum
Stratford, Ontario  •  May 21, 2016 -  September 5, 2016



Redirecting the Ordinary - International Patchwork Festival
Sitges, Spain  •  March 10, 2016 -  March 16, 2016

Two by Twenty  -  Quilt Expo Beaujolais
Villefranche sur Saone, France  •  April 13, 2016 -  April 16, 2016


Food for Thought - Stitches & Craft Show
Sydney, Australia  •  March 3, 2016 -  March 6, 2016

Food for Thought -  Stitches & Craft Show
Brisbane, Australia  •  March 17, 2016 -  March 20, 2016

Do you know a venue that might be interested in hosting a SAQA Exhibition near you? Contact Bill Reker at


Current Exhibitions

Balancing Act Balancing Act Throughout history, women have had to balance responsibilities to community, home and family while pursuing other interests, jobs or careers. This show celebrates women both throughout history and today.

Concrete and Grassland explores the juxtaposition of the natural landscape and the human constructed cityscape. This call for entry asked artists to submit works that explore either the soft lines of nature or the hard lines of urban structures—or a combination of both. 

Food For Thought Food For Thought examines the many aspects that food plays in our daily lives — from a single piece of fruit to a still life, from the family table to the significance of food in culture and the celebration of family milestones.

Stories of Migration will reflect upon the theme of “Diaspora.” Diaspora is the dispersion of a people from an established ancestral homeland. This timely exhibition will showcase the wide range of talent of our SAQA members - selected pieces include art quilts, 3-D works, large installations and video.

Text Messages Two by Twenty Two works each by twenty artists equals forty art quilts to explore and a multitude of potential pairings to consider. From bold and graphic to subtle explorations of texture and nuance, there is plenty to explore in this collection. 

Wild Fabrications

Wild Fabrications celebrates a world of animals both real and fantastical.  Let your imagination run wild as you create interesting and unusual interpretations of animals using unexpected or unconventional materials and adornment, and/or unusual techniques

Other Current Exhibitions

Celebrating Silver
Earth Stories
People & Portraits
Radical Elements
Redirecting the Ordinary
25th Anniversary Trunk Show
Seasonal Palette
Text Messages


Member News 

New Members

Regional Rep News:  
Please welcome incoming rep Christina Blais of Connecticut . Thank you to retiring Connecticut rep Catherine Whall Smith.

Welcome to our new members who joined in January:
Emily Bellinger, Christine Chester, Jean Cockburn, Ann Coyle, Marcia DesRosiers, Constance Epstein, Elizabeth Fortier-Lyman, Anita Haddad, Pat Hansen, Liz Hewitt, Abby Holmes, Marie Joerger, Sandy Kelly, Leigh Layton, Youngmin Lee, Colleen MacDonald, Carmen McGee, Myongsook Om, Judy Parlato, Sylvia Polk, Fran Saplis, Susan Selby, Chrissy Sheed, Sue Sladek, Valinaeya Valinaeya, Melanie Weidner, Evelyn Wickham, and Louisa Williams


Thank you to everyone who made donations to SAQA in January: 
Sonia Bardella, Nancy Bavor, Sue de Vanny, Susan Else, Sarah Entsminger, Patricia Faulkner, Mary Fisher, Valerie S. Goodwin, Carolyn & Fred Higgins, Lesley Hurt, Ralph & Janice James, Dana Jones, Barbara Kibbe, Louise Kirchen, Sue Kluber, Lesley Knox, Anna Faye Korngute, Gul Laporte, Mary-Ellen Latino, Jeanne Marklin, Melody McGinnis, Salli McQuaid, Pam Morris, Dale L. Ricklefs, Valerie Rodelli, Judy Ross, Judy Schneider, Karen Schulz, Charlotte Scott, Sally Sellers, Cathy Shanahan, Sara Sharp, Ulva Ugerup, Jack Walsh & Martha Pierce, and Shea Wilkinson

Make Connections!

The Visioning Project revolves around visualizing goals and dreams - and making them happen. The Visioning Project members are wonderful in helping each other with support, networking, and resource information. If you are interested in joining, please contact Suzan Engler.

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Other Opportunities

Friends of Fiber Art International - Many Facets of Fiber
Feb 20, 2016 - Tuscon, AZ:
Friends of Fiber Art International is offering a rare opportunity to explore The Many Facets of Fiber. The event is sponsored in cooperation with Pima Community College Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery and PCC Fashion Design. The presentation features ten national and local artists displaying small-scale art and offering PowerPoint presentations of their work.

Headshot Photo Sessions
Bonnie McCaffery will be doing headshots again at the SAQA Philadelphia Conference. She offered them last year and they were a great success. Sign up before February 15 and you'll receive an additional photo.  

More Info

SAQA Headshots



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