2020 Conference - moSAiQA Stitch Project 

Mosaiqa Stitch Project

At the Conference, you’re invited to join the moSAiQA Stitch Project.  It’s a SAQA creative collaboration that will launch in Toronto during the opening IceBreaker event. We've also set aside some other time in the schedule to show off your stitching and collaborate with others. 

We will create highly personal “blocks” of any size, using a wide range of threads, embellishments and techniques. The upcycled fabric provided at the conference is from a local shirt factory that has gone out of business and would be headed towards a landfill if we weren’t using it.

Bring a small bag to keep your project secure throughout the conference, a few needles, small scissors, thimble, a few embellishments and your creativity. 

The vision is to create a group of unique and expressive stitched blocks which will be displayed as a large mosaic during the Toronto Conference. SAQA is a mosaic of talent. We are diverse in experience, techniques, ethnicity, age, and vision. This is the theme of this conference and the theme of the moSAiQA Stitch Project. We know what we do individually. We want to celebrate the hands that will come together in Toronto. This project touches on many aspects of the conference including community quilts, different stitching methods, and being a green fiber artist while celebrating our creativity and the joy of our work. 

We can't wait to see the end result!


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