2020 SAQA Conference - Things to Do 

Toronto is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, prosperous, funky, global village. It is Canada’s premier city, a major hub for government, transportation, business, education, entertainment, architecture, medicine and industry. Within easy walking distance are many galleries, museums, restaurants, shops and miles of safe streets.  Plan on taking some extra time to explore, and before you arrive check out our list of things to do while visiting.


Be sure to make time to see the Textile Museum of Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum (the largest museum in Canada), the Bata Shoe Museum (the only museum in North America dedicated solely to the history of footwear), the Art Gallery of Ontario (one of the largest art museums in North America), or the Gardiner Museum  (specializing in ceramics) among others.

Royal Ontario Museum


Toronto is a hub of arts activity. There are many commercial galleries and a wide range of not-for-profit spaces. The Ontario Association of Art Galleries maintains a list of not-for-profit galleries in the city.

The Power Plant Gallery


So many things to see! So many things to do! If you have time, plan on exploring a few of these places:

CN Tower - one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Hockey Hall of Fame – the name says it all.

Graffiti Alley – well worth a look.

Distillery District – shopping, dining, art and culture.

Toronto Eaton Centre – shopping and dining.

Harbourfront Centre – shopping, dining, art and culture.

Graffiti Alley


Any list of the top 3 most cosmopolitan cities in the world has included Toronto for at least the last decade or so, and this is reflected in the stunning array of international cuisines available within walking distance of the SAQA conference. 

Toronto Restaurant

Internationally-acclaimed chefs head restaurants like the three-storey Momofuku (a favourite among visiting celebrities and only a block from the Hilton), while high-in-the-sky eateries like 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower pair mouthwatering meals with unparalleled views.  (But don’t fear: for the less adventurous, good quality standard Canadian food remains widely available for reasonable prices.) Check back soon to see which restaurants will appear on the options for Friday Night Out!


Other Information

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