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Our SAQA Visionaries - Nancy Lemke 

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Inspired by Political Issues

Three years ago, when I turned 65, I decided it was time for me to become serious about my art. Before, I'd dabbled with many techniques and done some pieces I was happy with, but I didn't feel I was a real artist. One way to achieve that, I hoped, was to receive recognition from my peers, and a good way to do that, might be to enter art shows. SAQA's show about migration really piqued my interest. I researched the topic until images popped into my head, made the quilt, and was astounded when the jury accepted it!

Since then I have used SAQA calls for entry to inspire other work. Some quilts have been accepted and some haven't. But I've enjoyed the challenge of coming up with images that come from my heart and of developing the skills to make them. Some of SAQA's exhibition themes have to do with social issues or current events. Preparing pieces for entry, I stumbled upon my love for expressing my thoughts about political issues through figurative work.

I am fortunate to have spare money and believe it is a responsibility to help organizations I value carry on their work to touch the lives of others. Donating to SAQA took little thought. The organization has fed my creative soul in many ways, and if I can help SAQA support others, that makes me feel good.

Nancy Lemke
Bonita, California

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