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Our SAQA Visionaries - Terrie Linn Kygar 

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Inspired by Moments of Gratitude

Inspiration, for me, comes from many places. I think I have learned to look - consciously look - in different areas for beauty, color, shape, symmetry. Recently, I have been researching, intentionally looking for the beauty that surrounds us at the molecular and even atomic levels. Amazingly beautiful and inspiring.

Wherever, whenever I see something, and my heart, my spirit, my soul, responds with excitement and then gratitude. Gratitude that I live in such a beautiful and colorful world and that I have the ability to see and appreciate it. Then, to top that off I have the gift of creativity, the ability and desire to recreate and express that beauty in my art.

Even though I teach and have published a book, I have found that, sometimes, I need encouragement and validation.  Being a part of SAQA provides some of that for me. Seeing and hearing from other artists encourages me to keep going and keep growing. I tend to isolate, stay in my safe little place. Being a member of SAQA is helping me to want to branch out, take a chance.

SAQA, the organization itself, inspired me to not only give, but give generously. The vision and goals, the stated purpose, the desire and willingness to accept artists wherever they are in their creative journey, to encourage their creativity and growth and then giving support and offering mentoring to help them grow and create. SAQA's generosity inspires my generosity.

Terrie Linn Kygar
Dallas, Oregon

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