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Inspired by Architecture

I am inspired by architectural design: the lines, geometry and shadows as they fall across all types of architecture. My architectural training was intensive, it taught me how to view the world. I strive to create pieces that influence people and how they view the built world around them.

On June 3, 1980 my hometown was hit by seven tornadoes. This natural disaster left one third of the buildings in the community damaged or destroyed.  I saw the architecture I loved destroyed, overnight. My community was in transition and in peril of losing its downtown completely.

This disaster impelled me to make my first architecturally inspired quilt. Then it took me about ten more years to develop a voice that promoted an appreciation of the buildings that remained. My quilts based on the architecture in the community have toured with Tactile Architecture multiple times, won awards, were displayed in my hometown, then auctioned off with the money from their sales creating a scholarship for future graduates of my high school.  

I believe the more a person gives to any organization-the more that person gains. There are so many forms of philanthropy. I have given my time to every organization and school to which I have been affiliated.  I do it to make a difference.  There came a point when my abilities and accomplishments were limited and I felt that the only way to 'grow' my contribution was with a monetary donation.

When I attended my first SAQA Conference a year ago I witnessed the positive energy that flowed throughout the members who attended. That is why I am a SAQA Visionary.

Linda Syverson Guild
Bethesda, Maryland


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