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Our SAQA Visionaries - Sandy Teepen  

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Inspired by Travel

Travel for me is one of the best features of life. When I travel I feel like I am part of the world. I’m a proud American from a small town in Southern Wisconsin.

As a kid in my local library I found the New York Times. This linked me with the world. My family often traveled to Chicago. I began to sew as a kid and in high school. I did costumes for theatre productions. I was encouraged to apply to art school and went to Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As an adult, I traveled abroad where I saw the great works of the masters, iconic architecture, and leading museums and these formed a framework for my global thinking.

I now have my own business “Sandy’s Label”. Influenced by my travel, I create work that is big and bold. I keep entering exhibitions, giving talks, taking workshops, meeting other artists, adding customers and taking commissions.

I attended the SAQA conference in San Antonio in April and was so impressed with what I saw and the great vibes among participants.

My fabric world is so important to me. I support SAQA because I think it is so important to encourage the exhibiting and selling of art quilts.

Sandy Teepen
Atlanta, Georgia


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