Meet Your Representative Margaret McGrath

I have been sewing since I could hold a needle.  In 2000, a local quilting store offered a progressive, extremely detailed educational program that taught all possible aspects of the quilting art form.  I completed the program in one summer and was hooked. Since then I have tried to continue that growth and learning. After a class that featured Ruth B. McDowell’s design esthetic, I knew I had a passion for art quilts. Since then I have attended many classes, workshops, conferences and shows, as long as it helped me develop as a quilt artist.  My collection of art quilting-oriented books and supplies is large, in anticipation of creating that elusive, but perfect art quilt.

 My interests are in abstract work, and the use of vivid, saturated colors. I love light. The physical handling of the materials provides great comfort to me.  Through life’s challenges, and through honesty with myself, I try to express those experiences in art.  I use mostly commercial fabrics.  Batiks and solids are my current fabric interest.  Hand dyed fabrics, when I can buy them, are a particular treat. Recently I discovered silk fabrics, enjoying the textures, the shine, and the deepness of the color.   I love to experiment with all kinds and colors of thread. 

I would like to use trees and landscapes in future quilts. The use of embellishment, photography, the log cabin block, and dense free motion quilting are all aspects of making art that hold a particular appeal for future projects. Wall hangings and small throw quilts are my favorite size.  I love the process of planning and executing a work of art that expresses a particular experience that I want to share.

Tirade of pain
Tirade of Pain
© 2013 Margaret McGrath
30" x 25.5"