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Meet Your Representative Lynn Rogers

Originally from the Midwest with its neat, orderly towns, rows of corn and humidity, I’ve come to find my place in the desert.  I love the wildness, subtle beauty, aridity and the light.

I began as a traditional quilter and still love to cut fabric into smaller pieces and then resew it into a new configuration.  Creating optical illusions and secondary patterns have always guided my work.  Now I include new skills by producing my own fabric, creating color and pattern using many different surface design techniques.

In addition to fiber, constants that have shaped my life are music and a love of the outdoors.  Music gives me rhythm, harmony and balance.  The natural world is where I find inspiration.  I try to create art that informs and perhaps causes change by providing a new way to think about a subject.  My work can initially be viewed and enjoyed, but taking time to observe closely yields more images and information.  As in all things, sifting carefully through the layers helps one arrive at the core.

Black Elk Speaks
© 2015 Lynn Rogers
40" X 30"