Meet Your Representative Gayle Carter

I discovered quilting in 1990.  After trying several mediums in the art industry, fabric appealed to me the most.  It was love at first stitch and many techniques were tried over several years.  I worked for a sewing machine dealership, a quilt shop and taught many classes and entered challenges and quilt shows.  Going to the International Quilt Show for 7 years kept me challenged and inspired.  Life happens and my quilting ended up not being as exuberant as I wanted it to be even though my heart was still in it.  

After a few years of inactivity I decided to push myself and design my own garment for the Hoffman Challenge 2010.  I entered my creation and took second place in the garment category.  It traveled for a year and it ended up being in Hoffman’s Challenge catalog.  It was thrilling.  So I decided to really challenge myself and signed up to become a certified Jenny Haskins instructor.  I knew very little about the embroidery industry and by the time I had completed the course I was well versed in all of the techniques she uses.  After this I took a 4 day class from Judy Niemeyer.  I went outside the box and used my own color theme.  I entered it in the Tucson Quilt Show where Klaudeen Hansen saw it and contacted me and wanted it for the Quilt Art Calendar.  Wow, one of my pieces actually published.   So what do I want to do next, I asked myself.  I wanted to design my own piece and enter it somewhere, but where.  I found the Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric Lion King Challenge online.  Perfect because I love their fabrics and I am a Disney fan.  I designed my first quilted wall hanging, entered it and was accepted in their traveling show.  My piece is honored, among 19 others, to hang in the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway, New York City, NY for the 20th anniversary of the Lion King.  

Keep challenging yourself!! 

There is No Victory3

There is no Victory Without Villian

© 2016 Gayle Carter
20" x 20"