Meet Your Representative Carol Croce

My love of textiles started early, making pictures as a kid gluing fabric scraps to construction paper.  Family trips to nearby Amish communities introduced me to quilting:  the vivid colours, sharp contrasts and geometric patterns hooked me and continues to influence much of my approach to quilting and textile design.

I’m a tactile person. The texture of different fabrics and the ability to manipulate cloth into new shapes appeals to my creative side in a way other art forms do not.  I am at my happiest slicing through fabric with my trusty rotary cutter, cruising at the helm of my sewing machine or simply kicking back with some fanciful needlework.

My inspiration often comes from the built form, especially architectural features. I get enthusiastic over an art deco pavement grille or a mosaic floor tile, and see textile design possibilities in cityscapes and building facades.  That said, I am also drawn to the earthy tones of the Australian landscape, a striking change to the scenery of my North American upbringing.  

My textile art fluctuates between structured work and improvisational pieces.  I describe much of my structured quilting as a modern take on a traditional form, reflecting some of the hallmarks of the modern quilt movement.     I also enjoy the challenge of improvisational work as it stretches my creative thinking by experimenting with other textile processes and incorporating new techniques into my work.   

Snow Gums

Snow Gums at Charlotte's Pass

© 2104 Carol Croce
27" x 20.25"