2018 SAQA Conference - Lightning Talks 

A Lightning Talk is a fast-paced lecture style which speakers and audiences alike love. Each speaker creates a presentation of 20 slides and then speaks about each slide for 20 seconds. This results in a fast-paced informative presentation that is six minutes and 40 seconds long.

Some aficionados of this time of speaking event describe it as a combination of office presentation meets beat-the-clock performance art. Or, another way to look at it is, infomercial meets poetry slam. It’s fun for presenter and listener.

At the 2018 Conference, there will be three sessions:

Session One
Heather Pregger: Inspiration vs Emulation
Maggie Vanderweit: Chairs - Choosing an Icon
Marie Welsch: My Artistic Journey - Fun, Exciting, Rewarding
Susan Hoppenworth: Commemorating Crises
Lori Lee Triplett: Ancient Ways, Modern Days
Daisy Aschehoug: Quilting in an Oslo Concrete Factory

Session Two
Margaret Abramshe: Lessons from an Art Teacher
Barbara Oliver Hartman: Why Enter?
Laura Jaszkowski: What’s the Point Here, Really?
Carolyn Skei: The Magic of Gesture: Loving the human figure in fiber art
Lisa Walton: Leap and the Net will Appear

Session Three
Susie Monday: San Antonio, Texas; Time Travel though Textiles
Hope Wilmarth: One Song, Four Verses
Sherri Lipman McCauley: Secrets of Painted Threads
Andrea Dodds & Jaye Dodds: Always Have a Safe Word


More Information

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