Meet Your Representative Baiba Vagule

I have been fascinated by working with textiles since my first sewing class at the age of 12. Since then I have done almost any craft one can do with fabric, including upholstery. The last few years I have been developing as a textile artist, creating art quilts. I have been fortunate to learn from great teachers from all over the world. I am still looking for my own style and I am enjoying every step of this journey!

I mostly get inspiration for my work from my travels, both near home and far away. I sketch in watercolor and take lots of photographs during my trips. In the places I visit I explore modern paintings, as well as traditional motifs and patterns. Sketching plants and flowers is another activity I never miss when abroad. My quilts usually contain designs in some form of applique, or stitching, created from my sketches. I am especially interested in working with the traditional motifs of Eastern Europe in my quilts.

No light no colour

No Light, No Color

© 2016 Baiba Vagule
75" x 30"