Meet Your Representative Nancy Bardach

I like to explore intangible qualities like light and motion. Color, light and movement are all vital to my compositions. Free-hand curves cut from my fabrics add to the flow of the work.  Color adds mood and emotional tone, lighting contrasts, a sense of movement and depth and, above all, great beauty to my pieces. 

My most exciting and successful designs are those I do quickly, intuitively, chasing a fleeting image --- and trying to realize its sensibility and beauty in the final pieced and stitched object.  I will continue working in an improvisational manner in future work.  Meanings proliferate as the viewer studies each of my pieces. 

I encourage all my quilting friends and colleagues to be serious as artists, to enter shows, and to provide their most excellent, artistic work to the art world in general, as well as the quilt world. 

I received my Masters in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, and practiced for 25 years as a licensed architect in the Bay Area.  Since retiring, I have become a full time fabric artist.  Piecing is my passion. My artwork, often abstract, includes references to a lifetime of visual impressions.  My fabric art has been juried into national and international exhibitions in many galleries and museums as well as fabric art shows.  

Studio Location: 815 Oxford Street
Berkeley, CA 94707




© 2016 Nancy Bardach 
35" x 26"